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Eleioni’s Bio

Let me start by saying I believe most people in the world are generally good people just trying to live their lives the best they can. Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that some are as evil as the demons of the nine hells, but they don’t make up the majority of people.

You see I’ve lived most of my life in Westgate. My parents were on there way home when I was born, almost three weeks early. My mother was unable to travel, so they decided to set up shop right there. My father is a weapon and armor smith, and an extremely good fighter. My mother is no stranger to fighting either— fast, agile, and graceful— she proves that sometime a maneuver can be more damaging then pure strength. Their plan was to go back to his home town and settle down, open a shop, and have a small family. With this turn of events they decided to temporarily start their shop here and when I was old enough to travel they’d move on.

When I turned five, my mother had a second child, my sister. So again we couldn’t travel for a while. After a few more years they decided to just stay where they were. Business was good and the people were generally nice, once you got to know them. We all helped in the shop. My sister and I would clean up the store and help organize things. Once we were old enough we were taught to sharpen and polish the weapons and armor that was sold to us. Mother did most of the selling and dealing with the customers. When I was ten, my father gave me my first dagger, and taught me how to use it. I soon learned how to fight with both hands nether one being better then the other. I still have it; I keep in strapped to my right wrist in a special sheath. Life wasn’t all work, often I would train with either my father or mother. I learned to fight and use armor as well as how to run a business. It was a good life growing up.

When I turned fifteen the strangest weapons I have ever seen were sold to us. Mercurial Long swords, they were sold as a set. I was told that if I could learn to use them I could have them. So I practiced everyday, it took me almost six months to be able to wield just one. It was another year before I could use both at one without being more damaging to myself then to my enemies.

When I turned twenty I decided to do a little adventuring myself. With my parents blessing I was off to find my own way in life. I’ve been home twice now and things are going well for them. My sister left to do her own thing shortly after I did and I haven’t seen her since. I hope to bump into her one of these days, but for now I just have to trust that she’s doing well.

Eleioni, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Eleioni Di Giorno [Aasimar Fighter]

Cause of death: killed by Sanura’s doppelganger while remaining party watched.

Posted by Fred on May 11, 2006, 08:50

Sanura’s Bio

Sanura, a (mostly) human of Mulan descent, is a priestess of Bast from Mulhorand. She has the typical black hair and sallow skin of Mulan, with feline-like pupils (and mannerisms) passed through the generations of her family from Bast. Not unlike her deity, she has been stricken with wanderlust and is traveling through the Realms as a cleric of Sharess, and is amazed at the sights available among the humanoids that live outside of paradise. Most recently, she found herself drawn to the city of Waterdeep, which is reported to be nearly as beautiful as her home in Skuld.

During her travels, she has actually made an effort to treat non-Mulan humans with more respect than would be due them if they were in Mulhorand, but she is still struggling with the sheer number of peons (indeed, it is difficult to differentiate them from the nobility) and non-humans that throng Waterdeep. She has entered a contest in which she is teamed up with others to find an item in Undermountain; she is hoping to learn more from relying on a small group of unrelated peoples than she’s managed in the town above. She does miss the group of cats that had been following her around the city prior to the contest.

Sanura, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Sanura Sehet-ib-Bast [Priestess/Cleric of Bast/Sharess]
Monster sheet: Sanura Sehet-ib-Bast [Doppelganger/Cleric of Sharess]

Cause of death: originally replaced by a doppelganger (no one noticed), the doppelganger was killed by Kor’tac after it killed the rest of the party. Status of “real” Sanura is unknown.

Posted by Kristin on May 11, 2006, 14:08

Shoshiro’s Bio

I was raised from birth in the Province of T’u Lng, Shou. From as early as I can remember I was being trained to be a ninja for my honored lord. I embraced my training and committed my life to the teachings of my masters with all I could offer. I achieved much and at 16 completed my training. I joined the ranks of my fellow ninjas. We scouted and prepared our clan for war. And in certain situations it became necessary for us to eliminate our enemies. We approached in the night and emerged from the shadows. Often times if you saw me at all it meant you were about to die. I did my job and did it well.

However a day came were I was to assassinate an evil general who was about to attack our clan. I killed the man, but in the process I killed his 7-year-old son. There could be no witnesses. My actions were made public and it was determined that my actions had brought shame to our clan and I was dishonored. I was expelled by my lord until had destroyed enough evil I to cancel out the loss of the innocent boy that I had killed. I have been branded by a mystical tattoo of a burning devil across my back and as I destroy evil creatures it will slowly disappear. When it is no longer there I will be able to return to my people with my honor restored.

I give up my life to do well and will protect those who need protected. However I am not a fool and will not throw away my life if it is not necessary. Ninjas are trained to do what they need to do.

Shoshiro, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Shoshiro Tanaka [Ninja]

Cause of death: accidentally killed by Sanura’s doppelganger’s fireball from a Rod of Wonder.

Posted by Bryon on May 12, 2006, 13:49

Kanelyth’s Bio

Kanelyth is the name I shall use for my Walk of the Four Winds. Eagle’s Child - does it mean anything, or did I just like the sound? Certainly, it represents a goal; I plan to fly like my namesake, and the sooner the better!

The elders told me - Walk! And walk I did, although a hop, skip, and jump for joy had some winged assistance now and then. My glides grow longer every day, and more controlled (some of my first leaps had rather embarrassing endings). I used to console myself with the thought that no one else could see me, and perhaps that was the reason for the Walk.

Why do we send our young folk into the unknown to learn to fly? When a full quarter never return, why not find some other manner of testing, of teaching? I suppose we each find our own answer to that... but I know that I would not have it any other way for myself. I have already seen so much, yet so little of the whole!

I will not tell you where my home is - somewhere in the Spine of the World, as others call it. I suppose I could have stayed nearby, practicing flying to the exclusion of all else, and gone home in triumph within a short time - but why not do more? I’d listened to many discussions about the rest of Faerun - time to see for myself.

And, of course, the best place to do that is the city of Waterdeep. Truly, everyone has heard of the place. To see my first sunset over the ocean - how I envied the gulls! I spent several days walking the city, watching and learning, before I began to wish for some company. When I overheard talk of a contest at the Inn up the street, I turned in for a look...

Kanelyth, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Kanelyth [Raptoran Fighter]

Cause of death: killed by Sanura’s doppelganger after seeing her kill Eleioni.

Posted by Kate on May 12, 2006, 14:36

Flic’s Bio

Flic, a half-drow sorcerer from the Dalelands, with his familiar Owl.

Flic, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Flic [Half-Drow Sorcerer]
Companion sheet: Owl [Familiar of Flic]

Cause of death: rhinoceros summoned to help party.

Posted by Jim on May 12, 2006, 14:40

Kor’tac’s Bio

Where to begin....

I could tell you of my youth ....... but that was so long ago. I was born in the North, I can almost even remember my parents’ names. I must have been about 3 or 4 when my tribe was slaughtered. Drow poured down on my people without warning from every direction, with spell and sword. My people where unprepared, but fought to the end. My mother was one of the first to fall, with her last efforts she tried to hide me underneath her body to escape the horror.

Pinned as I was I was forced to watch the brutality. To this day I can see no reason for the attack. I swear I heard laughter in their cruel voices as they destroyed my people. Yes it had to be that, for there was a evil smirk on the face of the one who picked me up; with a wave of her hand I was unconscious.

Some time later I awoke in a dark and horrible land. I was a prisoner, along with many others of different races; all where about my age. On occasion they gave us food, but mostly they kicked and abused us. After a few weeks, I and some of the others that survived where taken through a portal of some kind, and the darkness we had become so used to was vanquished by brilliant light. Before I could adjust to the quick change, I found I was in chains. A Halfling had purchased me in a slave market. I soon learned his name was Philian, and I also learned he was the cruelest creature to ever walk the world.

Philian purchased me to join his troupe of fighters for pit fights in Calimsport. I was taken to his home and placed in the ‘training room’ with 4 others that he purchased. It was a large octagon with 20’ walls and cages above. Philian ordered us to fight, and that only one will be allowed to live. I was nearly knocked off my feet before I responded; it was a quick and violent battle. The elf girl killed the dwarf and human boy in seconds, then turned on me as I came out of the stunned feeling from the shot she gave me to the back of my head to start the whole thing off. She was strong and nimble, and to this day I can only wonder if I was better off for winning this fight or not. Time will tell.

Soon after I was put into a underground complex that was the housing for Philian’s fighters. There were about 30 of us, ages and races varied, but they where hardened fighters. One thing will never leave my mind, the look of sadness they had when I arrived, for they knew the path my life would follow.

Most of them had no time for me, not expecting me to survive, why should they bother getting to know me? One man did, a nearly-blind Dwarf by the name of Dorin. The two of us soon became the closest of friends, and often fought together in the arena. In truth there was an alliance of four; we stuck together and kept each other alive. Gauset was a male Human, and Liace, a female Moon Elf, completed our group. But Dorin was my closest friend, he taught me to fight as his people did, he taught me the tactics of the arena and how to survive the politics of the battles too.

One day, many years later, we had traveled to a large place to take part in a festival of battles. This large complex held hundreds of warriors of every size and shape. It was here that Liace found our way to freedom. She found what must have been a forgotten trap door in the practice arena, and she also had the plan. One day when there was about 100 of us in this arena getting ready for the day’s fights, She opened the door, and we all made a break for our freedom. Liace said with so many escaping we had a better chance, and besides we had our weapons and armor and it could be our only chance for freedom.

This door was not forgotten by the slave owners, they kept creatures there to make sure no one would escape. They didn’t plan on our numbers though. Into the tunnels we went, fighting at every corner, I kept Dorin by my side. Liace and Gauset where ahead of us. We must have been in part of the sewer systems for the tunnels led us out into many areas of a market. It was the market that seperated us, it was a new chaos that I had never imagined. Gauset took advantage of the confusion and led us out of the town, along with a few pouches of gold that he liberated on the way too.

After reaching the edge of town, we decided to seperate and try to return to our homes. We all took Dorin to his people in the Great Rift first, then headed out on our own. It has been nearly two months and I still am not sure if I am going the right way. I miss Dorin and my friends. I wonder if I will ever see them again.

Kortac image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Kor’tac [Mountain Orc Fighter]

Cause of death: really big explosion.

Posted by Jim on June 25, 2006, 00:43

Rowind’s Bio

To the six of you out there who don’t know who I am allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rowind Gimble and I am a great and well-known orator throughout much of the land. With my amazing and lovely companion Roywyn Rivenstone, we travel throughout the lands entertaining the people with our amazing show.

But first let me tell you a little of my childhood. I was born in Lantan the last in my small family of nine. We were quick to pick up different facets of performing. My brothers and sisters are mainly all dancers, yet I found myself disinterested in dance. My oldest brother became an illusionist. The Amazing Gimble, whom I’m sure you have heard of. He has taught me a great deal about illusion and I am sure that I could perform as one if I wished, but I know my calling. I am a storyteller in the purist form. And I can take the simplest stories and turn them into epic tales. When I was a young lad a mere 20 years of age I went hunting with my father and older brothers. It was fantastic, mainly because I was introduced to my second love, my flintlock pistol Argon. Ever since I first held it, I have always shot straight and true.

For 43 years I lived in Lantan, learning about the world and the skills I would need to make my way through it. On my 44th birthday I was given two gifts. The first was a plain steel ring from my father. He told me so long as I wore this ring, I would always be able to reload my pistol with something. Whether it was to defend myself or entertain others. My second gift was much more important. Performing at my party was the most beautiful songstress I have ever seen. Her name was Roywyn and I loved her from the first moment I ever laid eyes on her.

Two years passed and I was telling an epic story to group of dwarves in a tavern in Waterdeep when I saw her again. I knew in a world as big as this one, it had to be fate that we should be together. We got to talking and got along quite well, she was the first person in a long time to keep up with me on an intellectual level. She was great we finished each other’s sentences and seemed to fill in all of the area, which the other was weaker. So we have decided the best possible thing we could do was to travel together and perform together.

So for the last ten years we have traveled together performing in front of some of the most important people. One audience member was so impressed with are performance that he decided to give us a wonderful gift: a matching set of Mithral shirts to protect us on the dangerous roads. My life is absolutely perfect. I am a well-known performer, traveling throughout the land entertaining all who would enjoy it. I am traveling with a counterpart whom I love with all my heart. She is my best friend. My life is totally perfect, or it would be, if she only knew how I felt about her and she felt the same way back.

I will admit that I am not the most moral man in the world. I have a talent for survival and will do what it takes to take care of Roywyn and myself. I am out for our own personal happiness and keeping what I have.

Rowind, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Rowind Gimble [Rock Gnome Bard]

Cause of death: really big explosion.

Posted by Bryon on July 20, 2006, 15:22

Rookinoniak’s Bio

What can I say that isn’t obvious to anyone who meets me. I don’t like to stay in one place very long. My parents only stayed in Waterdeep long enough for me and my brother to be old enough to travel. I’ve already been to most of the larger cities in the world. I want to see more. I want to see everything there is to see and do everything I can do. If I kill evil along the way then all the better because evil is bad. Evil must die, but first I want to see everything.

Rookinoniak, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Rookinoniak Chebwith [Chaos Gnome Sorcerer]

Cause of death: bled out amidst a pile of healing potions, five feet from party members.

Posted by Fred on July 25, 2006, 09:33

Mishklo’ Bio

All my life I’ve lived free in these woods. There are a lot of dangers, but none more so then the visitors we get from the local city. They enter looking for wealth and other things that they really don’t need. Don’t misunderstand, I do visit the city from time to time, in an attempt to understand why these people can’t live in harmony with the world around them. I’ve spoken with elder Druids, and they have explained some of it, but I get the feeling there is more to it then just a lack of understanding of nature. Some don’t even care how their actions affect the natural order of the forest I live in.

My closest friend is Moonlight, an albino wolf. I found him as pup almost two years ago. I believe he was orphaned after some adventures come through. But that’s a story for another time. One of our pasttimes is watching adventuring parties travel through. Sometimes I help them out, other times I let them go their own way undisturbed. It really depends on my mood.

Today was a strange day. I was sitting in a tree as this orc came crashing through my woods. He had the strangest bird on his shoulder. I was curious so I decided to follow. I turned into a bird and kept watch as he and several gnomes appeared to be following some map. After about and hour or so they walked into some drow. The strange bird screamed so loud I thought I was going to go deaf. It then shot two arrows and killed one of the drow. I watched the battle curious to see what was going to happen.

When it was over the orc and his traveling companions appeared sad, and did some very strange things with the bodies of the drow. Apparently one of the orcs friends didn’t survive the encounter. Curiously enough they stripped him of his belongings and started to decide who got what. “Mementos.” I believe that’s what they call it when you take something from a deceased friend. I think I’ll follow them till my wild shape wears off, then I’ll decide if I’ll help them or not.

I can see Moonlight from where I am hiding some distance off. He’ll stay just close enough so I can see him, but he won’t do anything unless I tell him to, so I’m not worried about him. He’ll warn me if anything big is coming.

Mishklo and Moonlight, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Mishklo [Human Druid]
Companion sheet: Moonlight [Wolf Companion of Mishklo]

Cause of death: really big explosion.

Posted by Fred on August 9, 2006, 02:46

Noath’s Bio

If you ask an orc, dwarf, or even most humans how to win a war and they will tell it is through strength in arms. However anyone in my trade will tell you differently, I am a scout and I can be the difference between your victory and defeat. I can determine the strengths and weaknesses of a force. I can determine the best location to fight your army and what troops would be most effective to use against you. I can make your army think that mine is just around the bend or miles and miles away. I can cause great fear in your ranks or make them feel calm when they are about to be ambushed.

I wasn’t always like this. My name is Noath and I was born long ago in a small village. I had had no real talent for performance and went into an art that truly seemed like my calling. I had an almost unnatural sense for all aspects of scouting. As a whisper gnome I had natural talents for stealth and quietness. But when I was very young, a mere 19, I joined my first human army; a small force tasked with defending a village from band of orcs. We prepared and ambush and I pretended that a small group of us saw the orcs and fled. The orcs pursued and were crushed utterly in the well laid out attack. From that point on I knew that was my calling in life. Or at least that was what I thought; I have helped armies destroy others for 70 years and have nothing to show for it. Sure I have gained some things and some new skills. However I have no place to call mine, I haven’t found love and I have lost all taste for battle.

So now I have taken a different path, I set out to find a new life. I am out for myself now. I would like to find friends; I would like to find love. Most of all I would like to find a place to call my own. And hey if I can make a fortune along the way that would be nice too.

Noath, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Noath Falath [Whisper Gnome Rogue]

Cause of death: big-ass githyanki sword.

Posted by Bryon on September 27, 2006, 12:29