Soveliss's Journal
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Soveliss’s Bio


As I piece together the egg that will bring about my rebirth I meditate on my life, a life that will soon be over with the birth of another.

I was born Soveliss Siannodel, an elf, to a merchant family. We sold many valuable things: jewelry, clothing, even some types of rare and expensive armor. Sometimes my father would go on trips to uncover a hidden stash of treasure. When I was around my 98th year, I went on my first trip with him. It was great and I learned a lot from one of the other elves that came with us. Himo Liadon was rather skilled at getting us past different traps and unlocking doors. I was so impressed I decided I wanted to learn how he did it. With my father’s blessing I studied under him for several years.

It was during this time I meet Anastrinna Xiloscient. She was the most beautiful elven woman I have ever and probably will ever meet. We spent a lot of time together, I got to know her family and she became familiar with mine. I’d have done anything for her.

I was 125 when I decided I would get her parents’ blessing to ask for her hand in marriage, but first I had to establish myself, so I went on an expedition to explore some ruins. It took almost two months to get there. It was a successful trip and I knew I was ready to go ahead with my plans, but when I got home I discovered Anastrinna had gone off on her own adventure and hadn’t returned. Three months went by before we got any word at all. One of the group she went out with had returned half dead, dehydrated and starved. The clerics helped him and we heard a chilling tale.

Not two weeks out they were attacked by some dragon-like creatures. They seemed to be a mixture if dragons and wolves. The group was scattered. He claimed to have been wandering aimlessly for the past several months. Three others and I went on what we called a rescue mission to find the remains of the party, but we all knew that they were probably already dead.

After a month of searching we found the den of these beasts, It was extremely difficult, but we were able to defeat the abominations. We found the remains of several humanoid bones, and enough gear to determine that these were the missing party. There was a funeral, and after everyone else went home I sat alone at her grave, wishing I had the strength to change what had happened, wishing I could destroy all these vile abominations. As the sun rose over the trees, I heard a voice in my head, “It was the spawn of Tiamat.”

“Who’s there?” I answered aloud, thinking someone had come to check up on me.

“There are more of her spawn in this world and others.” The voice replied. Looking around I couldn’t see anyone, and it didn’t so much as speak but place these thought into my head.

“How do you know this.” I said aloud again, part of me thinking I was going insane.

“I am Bahamut, if you will join my cause and be reborn as my child, I will give you the strength to fight her spawn.”

Looking at the grave and feeling rage at what had happened I asked, “What do I have to do?”

I was given a list of instructions, and was told I could have a week to decide, it wasn’t to be taken lightly. Leaving behind your family, friends, and all you worked for to become the child of a god for the purpose of destroying the evil spawn Tiamat creates. I took most of the week to think about it, I then sold everything I didn’t need, gathered the ingredients for the rebirth and headed out to a quiet and serene place.

As I place the last piece of the shell together from the inside, I can feel the changes start to take place. My old self is slowly fading away, My hair has completely fallen out. In the utter darkness I can begin to see. I’ve never been able to see in complete dark before. I feel Bahamut close to me and I embrace him and his family.

“Please give me guidance as I embrace my new life.” I say as I hatch from my shell and am reborn. I can see the sun rising on a new day. Fitting for a rebirth, I think as I clean myself and don my armor.

“I an now Soveliss Tibur Vaecaesin, for I was born an elf and am now reborn a child of Bahamut.”

I go north. Not fully knowing why, but it seems to be the direction I should go. So I gather my things, and start walking.

Soveliss, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Soveliss Tibur Vaecaesin [Dragonborn Rogue]

Posted by Fred on September 27, 2006, 01:03

Back to Business

I awoke this morning, if you can call it morning in a place that has no day or night, on the ship that picked me up a couple of days ago. I call it a ship only because it is built like one however, there is no water, land, or even weight in this strange place. To be honest I’m not even sure if I’m actually breathing. I can’t open my backpack here— something about this realm won’t let me. I’ve been on this “ship” for about two days now. I only say that because I’ve slept twice, although I don’t know why, I don’t feel the need for sleep here. When they first picked me up I didn’t know what to make of the crew. I’ve since learned that they are Githyanki, a lawful race if nothing else.

There are three other people on board that aren’t Githyanki. Jrun— a blue extra planner humanoid— he hired the “ship” to take him to a Githyanki city so he could do some business, and return to Waterdeep. A Halfling whom I think is going a little insane being in this place, and a gnome who hasn’t said a word to me.

I felt the ship turn and decided to go top to see what was going on. What I saw would have been very strange if I wasn’t in this realm. What looked like a gnome and a gnome with wings were on a large object trying to outrun the “ship”. Then they stopped and turned to look at us. The “Ship” dipped under them and they stood up. Jrun talked to the in their minds as he has a tendency to do. I know this because they answered him openly. It’s strange seeing two people talk, but only hearing one actually say anything.

The Halfling was getting even worse calling everyone “Bob,” and floating anything he could. It got to the point where the silent gnome shot the Halfling with a blunted arrow. Both of them were hauled off in chains. I didn’t understand this, so I asked Jrun about it. I was then informed that any breaking of the law by non-Githyanki meant that both the accused and the accuser would be brought before a judge, given a fair trial and then put to death. I was stunned, but as I was on a Githyanki “ship” surrounded by hundreds of them, and on my way to one of their cities, there was nothing I could do. The two new people, Roywyn and Seren, attempted to help, but to no avail.

A day passed, at least I think it was a day, and we could see the city coming closer. It was a sight to behold. Then I saw the red dragons. There were about six of them in some caves at the one end of this massive structure. I wanted to go in there and destroy all of them. I wanted it so badly I could taste it. Six dragons against me, and there could be more in there. I’m not stupid. I have my faults and I do make some bad choices from time to time, but that would be a suicide mission, and I can’t continue my quest if I die in this place. So I bit my tongue and waited for us to dock.

Jrun took care of our visas and we went to see how the “trial” went. It was just like we were told— both parties had a chance to say something. The Halfling didn’t make sense, and the gnome didn’t say a word. They were found guilty and would be executed. Thankfully enough we didn’t stay and watch this happen.

Jrun lead us to a large building in town where he did business with this winged woman. After inspecting weapons made of green steel, he took three crates and had slaves brought in for payment. I don’t like this at all, but in a city where justice is only for the Githyanki what could I do? I bit my tongue and quietly walked behind Jrun back to the “ship”.

Three days later we came to a portal. Jrun took his cargo and went through. I followed and so did the other two gnomes we picked up four days ago. We were underground, several miles under Waterdeep. This is where my job begins. We, myself and the two gnomes, escorted Jrun to the back of a tavern. After knocking and being looked at from the inside, we all walked in and met with what appeared to be three Red Wizards. The deal was done quickly, and we were informed that we could ask the barkeep for direction back to the surface. Seren tried, but the barkeep feigned not knowing anything until I discreetly placed a gold coin on the counter. Roywyn did the same and we were given directions to a near by portal. I can’t wait to be back on the surface, and on with my quest. Who knows, maybe these two would be willing to join me.

Posted by Fred on October 5, 2006, 04:41

Whose Plan is This?

I don’t know how to explain the past few hours. Everything that has happened seems to be more planned then random events. You see, as the three of us were on our way to a portal that would lead us to the surface, we saw Flin. Flin is the insane Halfling we meet in the astral plane. He was unconscious being carried by what looked like four humans in robes. The humans dragged him down an alleyway and we all followed without once questioning why.

Seren saw them take Flin into a door at the other end, so I quickly checked it for traps. Finding none, I opened the door into a small hallway.

I’m going to skip ahead a little. Suffice it to say that after a time of searching we found ourselves walking down a flight of stairs. I should have been more careful because I set off the trap. The stairs turned into a slide and a pit opened up at the bottom. We all fell in. Much to my surprise, we didn’t attract any attention. Using a rope and a grappling hook we were able to climb out of the pit into a small room with only one door. Opening the door revealed a rather ominous sight. Flin was on an altar to Cyric and the four humans were really zombies. That told me two things; first the zombies were probably only getting things ready for the ceremony. Second, we had a short time to get Flin and get out of here before the ones performing this ceremony could get here.

I tried to enter the room, but something kept me back so I thought, let the zombies come out here, and we’ll knock them into the pit. That didn’t work. After Seren did turn them, and Roywyn burned one to a second death, I was finally able to force my way into this altar room. I quickly pick up Flin. I noticed he had his belongings with him. It seemed odd at the time, but I wasn’t able to evaluate it at the moment. We quickly left the altar room, fearing it wouldn’t be much longer till others arrived. Roywyn and Seren kept the door closed while I both searched for the means to reset the trap and actually reset it. We then all ran as fast as we possibly could up the stairs, out the door, and through the portal we were first told about not half an hour ago.

The first thing I saw was light shining down on us from above. Sunlight. Seren checked Flin and decided that he would be fine after some rest. We got a couple of rooms at a place called the Dripping Dagger Inn. After a nice relaxing bath I met the ladies in the room and soon after Flin woke up. I had meals sent up to us, and we talked for a bit. Flin thought he was our prisoner, I think he only believed after he left and wasn’t followed. Now both Seren and Roywyn are in one room and I’m trying to make sense of this. Why was Flin at that exact place at that exact moment? Why were all his belongings with him? It might just be me, but that rescue seems to have been a little too easy. I’m not complaining, we may have just gotten lucky, but something about it all just seems too planned. It comes down to one of three possibilities:

It is all just coincidence. If that’s it I have nothing to worry about.

It’s part of Bahamut’s plan. If that’s it I still have nothing to worry about.

Someone it attempting to manipulate us. Now that is something to worry about and opens a new line of questions.

Posted by Fred on October 15, 2006, 08:27

Disappearing in the Dock Ward

Today was rather uneventful so far. We ate, heard some rumors and did some looking around. We followed Flin for a while. I get the feeling he doesn’t trust us yet. Of course, all things considered, I’m not so sure I’d trust us either if I was in his shoes. However that is neither here nor there. The one thing that concerns me is the disappearances of humans in the dock ward. It may be nothing, but it’s worth checking out. So here we are after a long day of walking, and Seren tossing flowers petals at everyone and everything she saw. I kind of know where my companions are. As for myself I’m in a shadow behind some crates watching this large intersection of streets hoping it might help give a clue as to the whereabouts of the missing people.

Posted by Fred on October 22, 2006, 06:03

Roywyn’s a Genius

Well, we did discover what happened to the missing people a little sooner than I thought we would. Not long after we all were hidden around the intersection, a drunk human stumbled by. Just as he reached the center three shadowy forms emerged from the darkness. They were either Halflings or gnomes, and they were going to rob the guy. I figured we weren’t going to get much tonight so I shot one hoping to scare them off. I know I wasn’t the only one with that idea; another bolt came from the other side of this intersection and hit a different thief. That is when the thieves turned into wererats. The first thing through my mind was that these creatures were trying to increase their numbers. We all fought them until they sniffed the air and ran off. I looked around for the drunken human and watched green hands drag him into an ally.

I ran after him and noticed my new companions doing the same. That’s when I saw the creatures up close. The stench coming off their rotting flesh was enough to make me sick, and one turned to fight us, while the other took the human and ran. Rather intelligent for something that’s supposed to be the walking dead. I fought with it as Flin and Seren went after the one carrying the now passed-out human. While Roywyn stayed to help me deal with this eyesore. The fight lasted longer then I had hoped, and when it finally stopped moving Flin and Seren were nowhere to be found. Roywyn and I followed the ally and came to an open sewer grate. Up ahead was the sound of people enjoying themselves, which lead me to believe the undead creature hadn’t gone that way.

We climbed down into the sewers and I had to crawl to get to where a side passage appeared to be open. It had Seren’s old holy symbol sitting there, so we followed that passage. Finally we came to an area I could stand up in, but left or right, I didn’t know. I flipped a coin and right we went. After a short while a bird that looked very much like the one Seren had bought flew past us. Running, both Roywyn and I soon bumped into Seren. She quickly explained the bird was with Flin and told to return to her if there was any trouble. So we all ran back the way we had come and past. It was clear someone was there, because we had to jump over two spots of caltrops.

Seren looked around and found some fresh blood. Following the trail we came to a small opening a few feet off the floor. I had Seren and Roywyn go first and I crawled again down this passage following their lead. Finally we entered a circular room in which one of these creatures was eating Flin. We all fought and eventually took it down. Flin was healed and after a bit the paralysis wore off. That was when screams were heard down one of the other passages. Again I crawled and eventually came to a large room with four humans chained to posts. One was already dead and as I tried to free the others he changed and became one of the creatures that we were fighting. I freed the rest who all took off, and eventually one of my companions killed this one. We hurried back the way we came, and had a small encounter at the circular room we found Flin in.

Almost out I noticed Flin wasn’t following us. Seren and Roywyn went back after him while I led the one human out of the sewers. Shortly after all three of them came out of the sewers and we all went to the town guard. After explaining everything to them, we stayed at the local church for a few days to make sure we weren’t infected. Shortly after being released, we again talked to the guard who hired us to go back down and deal with the problem. Not exactly what I want to do, but if that will make us work better as I team, then I’m all for it, besides, I could use a few more coins to improve my armor and weapons.

We spent the day getting supplies and that night at a club. It was okay, but I thought we could have made better use of our time. In the morning we made a quick stop to get a map of the sewers, Roywyn’s a genius. We followed our footsteps back to the large room the humans were held captive in. We found a small infestation of some very strange rats, but decided to just leave them alone. That was when these two brains-like creatures came out of nowhere. We all attacked at first, but shortly I noticed Seren and Flin were gone. One of these abominations fell and that’s when Roywyn also fled, all three left their weapons. I killed the last and gathered up my companions’ belongings and waited for them to return. Shortly after they did; now we decide which way to go from here.

Posted by Fred on November 12, 2006, 15:37

Wake Up Call

“Wake up Soveliss.” A hushed voice I vaguely recognize sounds so far away. I dream of the past few minutes over and over again, crawling through the sewers to help my friends. I can see myself again being surrounded by these ghouls and then from nowhere a ghast appears and hits me hard.

“Soveliss wake up.” I hear the voice again this time more urgent. I fight the undead as best as I could, at least draw their attention away from my paralyzed friends. I’m hoping the paralysis wears off soon. Then everything goes dark and my dream starts over. I want to desperately to change the events, but I am unable to.

“Soveliss wake up.” I hear it again and as I start to regain consciousness I can feel the chains that bind me….

Posted by Fred on November 19, 2006, 07:58

Another room full of ghouls

I open my eyes to see Seren glowing softly on my left. I try to move only to find I’m chained to a wall, and Pratt, Roywyn’s familiar, is hanging from one of my arms. I can see Flin at the far end of this small room moving, but I can’t tell what exactly he’s attempting. As I attempt to slip my manacles, I see Flin has already gotten free and is working on freeing Roywyn. No sooner has he finished that then we hear someone unlocking the door. Everyone who is free acts like they are still chained, which is a good idea. This robed figure entered the room and picked Seren for something I can only speculate as sinister. Fortunately she was still chained so the robed one was unaware of how close we were to becoming freed ourselves.

After he left with Seren Flin finished freeing us and we quietly left the room we were in. There was another door opposite us and as we entered it we saw four humans also chained to walls. As Flin attempted to free them Roywyn said trouble was coming. Everything then happened very fast. First I was attempting to hold off the ghouls so everyone else can get away, Then Seren came flying overhead and we all ran. Following this hall as far down as it went we came to another room. I started to barricade the door while Flin looked around. Thankfully he found our gear as Seren found a secret exit. Up some stairs we went. I heard Flin say something about bringing his Dragon as I reached the top, and that’s when I noticed several humans sitting around a couple of tables.

The battle was quick and we followed on up some stairs to another room. This one had four alcoves in it that apparently were portals to other places. Everyone jumped into one and I followed and founded myself in an ally. Turns out we were still in Waterdeep. As quickly as possible we found some local guards and explained the situation and that there were still people down there we couldn’t get out. Four of them volunteered to go back with us and attempt to save who we can. Back down we went carefully and slowly, through the portal and down the stairs into the lowest room. We unbarricaded the door and ventured forward. It was very quiet except for the constant squeaking of Pratt. We first went to the room we found the humans in. They were gone, but a small surprise was left behind, Ghouls. I don’t know how many there were, but it was over soon enough. Then from farther down this blood-filled thing came at us. It was awful, every time we hurt it; it sprayed us with more and more blood. Thankfully Roywyn was able to clean us up afterwards.

We explored more and founded only what they left behind, surgical tools, empty beds and foot lockers, an empty kitchen, and another room full of ghouls….

Posted by Fred on December 10, 2006, 07:20

Reeking of Evil

The Zombies went down easily enough, and the blood thing, although messy, was no match for the eight of us. That left us with the “Lich” who it turns out was a human wearing a lich’s face. Flin and Roywyn found a way to stop the human from casting anymore spells and we put him under. I insisted we keep him alive for questioning, this work reeks of evil, and I know there is more behind it.

Posted by Fred on January 7, 2007, 00:52