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Discombobulation and Debigification

Roywyn’s Journal

Kythorn 9, Waterdeep

...I’m not sure if I passed out or it just got too dark to see. When I became aware and able to move again, I found myself manacled to a wall in a room with a single door, all of my equipment gone. My friends were all in the same room, all chained as well. Flin, not one to sit still, immediately began to work on his manacles with some tool that was overlooked by our captors; once he got his off, he released me (while Pratt had flapped over to the dragon-elf to provide a healing spell) and was unlocking Soveliss, when we heard footsteps outside the door. We quickly arranged ourselves to appear as if still manacled, but the robed figure and two ghoul assistants were interested in the still-really-chained Seren. They grabbed her and as I was debating some sort of suicidal attack on the enemy, Flin, Soveliss and Pratt all said “No!” in my direction at the same time. Instead, I sent Pratt with her, hidden between her wings.

As soon as they were gone we broke out of the cell and were on our way to where we thought Seren was being taken, when we heard sobbing from a room across the hall. We went into find four bedraggled humans and were trying to free them from their manacles when we heard a scream, and I felt Pratt letting me know that he and Seren were on their way back towards us— quickly. Moments later, she came into view, with the original kidnappers and a few additional humans on her tail. We found that fighting them without weapons was not working well, so I grabbed the now-paralyzed Flin and we all ran off in a direction that looked safer than where we were.

We were lucky! As we were barricading ourselves in a room filled with random supplies, Flin found all of our equipment! Seren also found a well-hidden door as our would-be captors began to bang on the barricaded door. We quickly scrambled through, saw another door, and opened it, only to see a room full of tables, chairs, and angry men with weapons.

For some reason, we were able to coordinate our attack this time; I sang a tune designed to strike fear into their hearts, while Flin introduced his dragon, at which point Soveliss struck an intimidating pose, and Seren added some ominous backlighting with a glow from behind the dragon-elf. Half of them ran or looked shaken (and at least one soiled himself from the sound of it). We easily dispatched the few that weren’t smart enough to run.

We left the room the same way the fleeing men had gone. We went up some steps, and found ourselves in a chamber with four arches, and a symbol of a single open eye engraved on the floor. I recognized the symbol as being that of the Agents of the Eye and realized we had just “infiltrated” Zanathar’s Thieves Guild. Oops.

Well, while I did that, Seren had sensed that one of the arches contained a portal; I said I could cast a spell to see where it went, rather than us all just piling through and hoping it would be safe. After I cast the spell, I noticed that each of the other arches also contained a portal. One was apparently malfunctioning and best avoided. Another appeared to be a long hallway of dwarven design. The third would land us in a grove of trees, and the fourth, an alleyway. Before we could discuss our options, Seren hopped through the one to the alley, so we followed.

Thankfully, we were still in Waterdeep, though now we were in the north side of the marketplace in the Castle Ward. We decided we’d need some more help to get the shackled people out of that area of the sewers that was crawling with undead, so we sought out the Watch and got four people willing to go back down with us. I’m also asking for some sort of magic ring or amulet we can use to provide “debigification” for Soveliss, in case we find ourselves in areas where he has to crawl again.

Posted by Kristin on November 26, 2006, 22:39 | Roywyn’s Journal