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Wake Up Call

Soveliss’s Journal

“Wake up Soveliss.” A hushed voice I vaguely recognize sounds so far away. I dream of the past few minutes over and over again, crawling through the sewers to help my friends. I can see myself again being surrounded by these ghouls and then from nowhere a ghast appears and hits me hard.

“Soveliss wake up.” I hear the voice again this time more urgent. I fight the undead as best as I could, at least draw their attention away from my paralyzed friends. I’m hoping the paralysis wears off soon. Then everything goes dark and my dream starts over. I want to desperately to change the events, but I am unable to.

“Soveliss wake up.” I hear it again and as I start to regain consciousness I can feel the chains that bind me….

Posted by Fred on November 19, 2006, 07:58 | Soveliss’s Journal