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That old feeling again

Flin’s Journal

I would like to explain how we bravely fought our way into their lair, but I would be a liar. We once again engaged the sewers in a game of hunt and seek. The only bad part was that we seem to have found the trap not the gold.

Once again, for the countless time this, we have found ourselves in a small room fighting creatures that give paralysis to us with the touch of their hands. This time the ol’Dragon-Elf couldn’t hold them off. And for once, I was the last to fall. There are more details I believe, but for now I am being dragged down a secret tunnel and I am probably going to be eaten, again. Trust me that is not an experience anyone should know, let alone twice. Then their is that annoying voice in my head ‘Flin, why didn’t you buy something to fight the paralysis?’ Stupid voice.

Posted by Jim on November 18, 2006, 21:31 | Flin’s Journal