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Look Out

Roywyn’s Journal

Kythorn 9, Waterdeep

Assuming we’d have time to find a solution to Soveliss’s bigness at a later time, we took four of the Watch with us and headed back down through the portal to the thieves guild (which was now bereft of bodies) and through to the sewers. The creatures so keen to break through our barricaded door were nowhere to be seen, so we made our way to the cell where we had found the ghouls’ hostages. They were not inside, but Flin did find some ghouls instead!

I was having trouble keeping track during the ensuing battle, not only because it came from two fronts (our old cell having been filled with ghouls as well), or the additional tall people to fight around, but also because Pratt seemed to be screaming a lot. I don’t think anyone else could hear him, but the constant squeals of “Look out!” and “There’s another!” was distracting. I actually ended up shooting one of the humans! I quickly made my way over to heal him and apologize. Meanwhile, Pratt was screaming that something big was coming, and sure enough, something big was. Before I caught sight of it, I could see that the hulking undead had a disgusting reaction to Soveliss’s attacks: it was gushing gallons of blood all over the poor dragon-elf.

I made my way behind that battle, as I realized no one was watching down the hall during the chaos. Seren fluttered by, having apparently run out of ghouls to slay, and asked for a light—she was going to drop oil on the bloated, bloody thing. I gave Pratt a lit candle (he seems to do better when he has a task to focus on) and he flapped along behind Seren, dropping the candle at just the right moment. The creature burned for a while, and I think that would have done it in, but Seren decided to hasten things more and stab at it. It exploded, showering gore over her, Soveliss, and a few of the Watch. At least it wasn’t getting back up.

I cast a minor spell to clean them up, and we headed down the hall from which the blood hulk had arrived. We found a room filled with surgical tables and the smell of death and decay—and a pile of human skins. Seren and Pratt recognized the room as the one the necromancer had dragged her off to earlier. He was nowhere to be found, the coward.

The other end of the hall seemed to provide some more activity though. Six ghouls appeared from a doorway. Seren of course could fly over them and into the room, and I could tell something interesting was going on in there, but first we needed to dispatch the ghouls. I keep knocking them down with spells, and once my comrades dispatch the prone creatures, we’ll have a look at whatever Seren found....

Posted by Kristin on December 6, 2006, 23:32 | Roywyn’s Journal