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Attacking the Darkness

Roywyn’s Journal

Kythorn 9, Waterdeep

We thought Seren found a lich. The creature she did find certainly looked and acted like one— it’s skin was stretched and dry, and it cast magic spells and surrounded itself with undead, including another nasty blood hulk. I cast a spell to make the corridor into a nightmare terrain, which entangled the ghouls long enough for us to finish them off while Flin managed to get into the room with the lich-thing. Seren was enjoying catching the blood hulk on fire.

Once the hallway was clear of undead, we made our way into the room where we could hear Flin being attacked by the lich-thing. Except, we couldn’t see the assailant, as it was inside a globe of darkness. Bolts of energy were managing to hit Flin though, despite the fact that he kept moving. I attempted to trip the lich-thing by dragging my whip through the area, but I just didn’t manage to hit it, so I decided to try walking into the darkness and attack from there. After a few tries, I hit! I yanked for all I was worth, and dragged my captive in closer. My opponent was cleverer than I thought, and managed to entangle me in something at the same time, causing us to both go down in a heap. I only realized then that my captive was no taller than I, and (thankfully) no heavier. Damn it.

Now that we knew where each other was, Flin was able to use a grappling hook to catch the lich-thing; I managed to keep hold of Flin as we navigated out of the darkness, pulling the lich along behind us. Except, it turned out not to be a lich at all, but someone who had dressed himself in the skins of his victims. The consensus seems to be that he needs to be taken to jail by the Watch, though I’m of the opinion that we kill the abomination and use a spell to speak with dead if we need further information on his crimes.

Posted by Kristin on December 27, 2006, 14:29 | Roywyn’s Journal