Rowind's Journal
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Rowind’s Bio

To the six of you out there who don’t know who I am allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rowind Gimble and I am a great and well-known orator throughout much of the land. With my amazing and lovely companion Roywyn Rivenstone, we travel throughout the lands entertaining the people with our amazing show.

But first let me tell you a little of my childhood. I was born in Lantan the last in my small family of nine. We were quick to pick up different facets of performing. My brothers and sisters are mainly all dancers, yet I found myself disinterested in dance. My oldest brother became an illusionist. The Amazing Gimble, whom I’m sure you have heard of. He has taught me a great deal about illusion and I am sure that I could perform as one if I wished, but I know my calling. I am a storyteller in the purist form. And I can take the simplest stories and turn them into epic tales. When I was a young lad a mere 20 years of age I went hunting with my father and older brothers. It was fantastic, mainly because I was introduced to my second love, my flintlock pistol Argon. Ever since I first held it, I have always shot straight and true.

For 43 years I lived in Lantan, learning about the world and the skills I would need to make my way through it. On my 44th birthday I was given two gifts. The first was a plain steel ring from my father. He told me so long as I wore this ring, I would always be able to reload my pistol with something. Whether it was to defend myself or entertain others. My second gift was much more important. Performing at my party was the most beautiful songstress I have ever seen. Her name was Roywyn and I loved her from the first moment I ever laid eyes on her.

Two years passed and I was telling an epic story to group of dwarves in a tavern in Waterdeep when I saw her again. I knew in a world as big as this one, it had to be fate that we should be together. We got to talking and got along quite well, she was the first person in a long time to keep up with me on an intellectual level. She was great we finished each other’s sentences and seemed to fill in all of the area, which the other was weaker. So we have decided the best possible thing we could do was to travel together and perform together.

So for the last ten years we have traveled together performing in front of some of the most important people. One audience member was so impressed with are performance that he decided to give us a wonderful gift: a matching set of Mithral shirts to protect us on the dangerous roads. My life is absolutely perfect. I am a well-known performer, traveling throughout the land entertaining all who would enjoy it. I am traveling with a counterpart whom I love with all my heart. She is my best friend. My life is totally perfect, or it would be, if she only knew how I felt about her and she felt the same way back.

I will admit that I am not the most moral man in the world. I have a talent for survival and will do what it takes to take care of Roywyn and myself. I am out for our own personal happiness and keeping what I have.

Rowind, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Rowind Gimble [Rock Gnome Bard]

Cause of death: really big explosion.

Posted by Bryon on July 20, 2006, 15:22

Who is the larger fool, the fool who does something stupid or the person who follows him

Well, lets we were performing in some city up in the north. It was an okay gig and in comes a mountain orc. Apparently up in the north they let them into pubs. And I continued as best I could with that distraction and in comes a Halfling, who was attacked by what everyone thinks is a were-wolf. Now it’s been my experience that those of us who are small often mistake wolves for were-wolves. Anyway it seems every freak and weirdo in that bar decides to go hunt for the “were-wolf”. And of course we got stuck going along with them. Of course I was more interested in the treasure map that the Halfling said he had but what choice do I have. She leads I follow. So we left with the orc, what I am guessing is a Tiefling, and I guess a semi-retarded chaos gnome. We set off into the woods and surprise surprise we were attacked by REGULAR wolves. So now that we got our “were-wolf”, we were going to head back right, WRONG. We continued into the woods and were then attack by some wild horde of goblins. The orc seemed to dispatch them with absolutely no problem. However the rest of us had a lot more trouble. I saved each of the lives of each of the gnomes at least once. The way I figure it the semi-retarded chaos is a sorcerer so I could use him to help keep us alive latter and should be easy enough to control. So finally we are heading back to the inn and maybe that Halfling will still be there so I can get him to give me that map.

Posted by Bryon on August 1, 2006, 19:24

Aren’t elves good?

So we finally made our way back to town today and I decided to teach our little group a lesson that I am guessing was not received very well. I turned the chaos gnome into a werewolf to try and drive home the idea that maybe hunting werewolves wasn’t the most effective use of our time. We made it back to town and were able to find the Halfling and convince him to give us the treasure map for basically a quarter of his original asking price. Rather than taking a day to get ready we started off right away. The first part of our trip was uneventful until we ran into a party of elves. Now it’s been my experience that elves usually make good allies, but for some reason the gloaming just started attacking the elves without provocation. They must have had several magic users. They cast a tangle spell on us and we were entangled. I turned invisible and began to work my way out. The orc couldn’t seem to get out and roy was hidden safely behind him. To limit the number of elves that could attack them I cast silent image to create a wall on one side. I lost track of the other gnome and watched the gloaming rain arrows down on the elves. I could see she was hurt so a whispered to her to come down and I would heal her. She did and I healed her, by then the battle was over. I learned later that unfortunately the chaos gnome was dead. What can I say, but he is dead.

Posted by Bryon on August 7, 2006, 17:02

This is Why I Hate Dogs

Well we finally started up the stairs of this old house and I have one thing on my mind, “is it time to go home yet!!!” On the second floor of this hour of fun, this is incidentally the third story of the building. Not that, that was too important other than the fact that if we planned this a little better and thought about it we would have known that two of the three doors would have contained a fire elemental, but I digress. The orc and I opened the single door on the one side and began to investigate it. It turns out that the room was an old kitchen and contains what looked like imps that were shooting ice at us. As we began to fight them off everyone else from our party barreled into the room, it seems that in their infinite wisdom they had released the fire elemental from its room. So we found ourselves flanked on both sides, being attacked by ice monsters on one side and fire on the other, ironic huh. So I cast and illusion of an ice wall to keep the elemental at bay, whilst the remainder of the party dealt with the imps. After what seemed like an eternity they completed the task and we were safe. One problem remained, where’s the wolf. Apparently it was sitting outside enjoying itself. My plan was to let the thing fend for itself, but that wasn’t good enough, the selective druid had to go get his master. So it was up to Roywyn and me to keep the fire elemental at bay, while the idiot went to retrieve it. Once that was accomplished we were free to head up to the next room. Unfortunately my gamble that the fire elemental wouldn’t follow didn’t work out so well and we were forced to fight it. After a while we managed to defeat it and are safe to rest awhile before continuing. As I sit here starring at Roywyn as she sleeps, I again think of one thing, “is it time to go home yet!!! No it’s not what she wants, so it’s not what I want.”

Posted by Bryon on September 21, 2006, 13:40