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July 5, 2006

Twice Bitten

Sanura's Journal

Murtul 13, 1374, Triboar

Our stay at the Butternut Inn was utterly uneventful. Quentin purchased a wagon and horses before we left Redlarch, and we found ourselves traveling north again. I attempted to charm our patron, and I do believe he was finally warming up to me, when I realized I had lost interest! Well, he had his chance.

A few more days passed with a lack of anything happening as we slowly continued north. On our 2nd night away from Redlarch, our camp was attacked during the night by five ghouls. A few of us were bitten, but Sharess’ divine power destroyed them quickly. It took a while to get Eleioni moving after the assault, and he hasn’t looked quite right since.

Another day and night passed uneventfully, and then on our 4th day out, we encountered a limping farmer on the road. I felt something was amiss and cast to detect evil— both the farmer and Shoshiro’s backpack (where he carried the necromancer’s bracers) radiated a slight amount. Still, I got down from our wagon with Kor’tac and went to heal the farmer. He warned us against bandits and 6-legged badgers (which is what he claimed bit his leg). I didn’t think much of that at the time, but now that I’m reflecting on the incident, it seems odd that a farmer would be limping along a road, and claiming to be walking to Redlarch— he didn’t have any traveling gear of any kind. Hmm... I wonder. Oh well.

The night before we made it to Triboar was probably our worst. We were attacked by a wolf that could not be easily unharmed by our weapons; I had to resort to divine magic and an ensorcelled crossbow, and eventually, the Rod of Wonder, which turned me invisible (thankfully, as I’d been so badly bitten I needed a few precious seconds to heal myself). Though the wolf eventually ran off, it had bitten several of us. Elieoni, who had been complaining of not feeling well since the ghoul attack, was looking the worst, though I could not find anything to actually heal for him.

We have finally made it to Triboar, though it’s too late in the day to do anything; we hope to have some time to replenish our gear and supplies before heading north once again.

Posted by Kristin at 22:45 | Sanura’s Journal

July 6, 2006

Silly People

Kor'tac's Journal

I have found some people who need my help, and they are going north. They are funny looking, but have not been mean to me, so I will stay with them a while. I think we are going north, hmmm. Anyway, they are paying me, I can’t believe it. They are paying me to go the direction I wanted to go. True I have to fight now and then, but I would have had to anyway.

They have a healer, that is a good thing. There is a guy in pajamas, thinks he is sneaky. He is ok though, specially when he talks funny. Umm that is about it.... no wait there is more. There is a bird thing, pajama boy likes her, and I think it is a her. That rounds out the group. Oh, and a fighter without armour or weapons. Yea, that is all I will say about him.

And the guy who pays me, he hides at night, but he pays me ok. Did I say he pays me to go the way I wanted to go? We traveled a couple of days, no real problem, except for that shapeshifter. Those I have fought before, and to say we are alive is a tribute to how nice this groups fights.

The fighter, the one without armour, yea, he don’t look so good. May have to put him out of his misery soon. Cleric can’t help him. I would be doing him a favor. I need an ale and some good food.

Posted by Jim at 12:38 | Kor’tac’s Journal

July 10, 2006

A New Role

Sanura's Journal

Murtul 16, 1374, Longsaddle

Shoshiro and I went into the market long enough to sell our unneeded gear— I managed to talk a trader into giving us an extra 200 gold for that useless wand. I was feeling pretty good about that, so when we returned to our inn, I decided to give Quentin another chance. I went straight to his room and told him to order dinner for two. I figured that I could “guard” him just as well from in the room as in the hall, so I decided to stay the night as well.

It is lucky for him that I did! I woke up to a scream beside me some time later, and in the dim light I saw that a shadowy form had plunged a dagger into Quentin’s chest! I threw myself between the assassin and my companion, getting a knife in the back for my trouble. Fortunately, I was able to provide healing to Quentin before he could succumb to his wounds. Better still, Kor’tac was outside the door and heard my scream for help, and with the rest of our comrades, was able to knock the door down and take down the would-be killer. Unfortunately, the assassin was killed before we could learn more about him.

The whole thing was over in mere moments. As things returned to relative normality, I realized that I was sitting naked in a pool of three peoples’ blood with a knife stuck in my back, trying to heal myself before I passed out. I heard Eleioni mention that he still wasn’t feeling good and I might want to save some healing for him— I just glared at him as he left to he return to his room. The constabulary came and took the body; I asked them to go to a local temple and have someone speak to the corpse before it was disposed of. We also asked the innkeeper for a new, less bloody room for the remainder of our stay.

We learned in the morning that the assassin had been an Illuskan simply known as “Norton” who had belonged to a group called the Kraken Society, who in turn had been hired by the Hand of Moander. Hmm....

I spent the next few mornings of our travel north using spells to restore both Quentin and Eleioni, though Eleioni’s health continues to fluctuate. At least he’s not complaining anymore, though he’s far from better. I spend one night on the road out with my comrades, but the next I decided to go in the building that Quentin sets up, and I refused to take “no” as an answer. I must confess that spending time with him has changed me in ways I could not imagine before this trip; I will be sorry when it comes to an end, I think.

Apparently, during the last night on the road, the group had to fight off a handful of goblins and an ogre. Looks like Kor’tac handled it fine, though I had to heal up a few injuries before we broke camp. We’ve just arrived in the small hamlet of Longsaddle— I will spend the night in Quentin’s room; I am sure I can help more from there than I could from the hallway.

Posted by Kristin at 20:09 | Sanura’s Journal

July 11, 2006

Still going north.... I think

Kor'tac's Journal

We have continued to travel, I have decided to believe my companions know where they are going. I am having some fun as we travel anyway. They are a funny group to watch. After watching their fighting skills, I find myself wondering how they are still alive. There was a small skirmish one night, and I could see panic is some of their eyes when they where faced with a larger foe.

The guy in pajamas has a good fighting heart, he just needs to learn how to fight a group. I believe one on one he would be a very dangerous man. Well, at least we have been spared a real battle so far. I fear the loss of several of my comrads if a tough fight fell upon us.

I have come to one decision, my weapons from the days of pit fighting may not be enough to survive with in this land. I will be looking for something with a little more umph to it. Besides, if that shape shifter returns, we may not be as lucky as before. I need to find me a double thudder— the kind of weapon that when you hit someone there is a thud on the enemy’s armour, and then another on his bones. It may be the only way I can keep this lot alive.

Posted by Jim at 11:34 | Kor’tac’s Journal

July 18, 2006

The cleric is no more

Kor'tac's Journal

We traveled north towards a tribe of barbarians. Our patron had business with them. On the way, the guy in pajamas got killed by the cleric with a fireball from that friggin wand, I too almost died from it. The party travelled on and met the tribe. After one day of trade we started out for North Waterdeep. When we where surrounded by barbarians from the tribe we just left, they claimed we stole something. Our patron killed them with a fireball and told the cleric to kill us. Before we could understand what was going on, she unleashed an attack on the fighter who looked weak. Bird lady and I tried to stop her, it was then we realized she was going to try to kill us too. Through great shame I must say, I could not save any of them. The cleric changed her form before she died, to some strange beast I have never seen. Whatever it was it fought well.

I grabbed the bodies of my two fighter friends and as much loot as I could pack on the horses quickly and headed back to the one town with a cleric to try to get them raised. Neither was able to be brought back. I have healed up and rested a bit, and had some success in selling some of the loot. Strangely, I feel drawn to the road, not as much to my home anymore, but to the road with friends. There is something to it that I can not describe. I still wish to find my home some day, but I am not in a rush right now. As for our former patron, I will get my revenge on him soon enough, and the gold he owes me. I just don’t know how far north that North Waterdeep is from here.

Posted by Jim at 09:56 | Kor’tac’s Journal

July 20, 2006

Sayonara, Sanura

Sanura's Journal

Murtul 20, 1374, Great Wyrm Tribe

We had a rough couple of days, I did not think I’d be able to keep this group alive until we reached our destination. Firstly, we were attacked by a small white dragon the morning after we left Longsaddle. I had to heal my horse to keep it from dying underneath me from a ray of frost— we did lose the orc’s horse, and almost the ninja and aasimar as well. A few spells from the Rod of Wonder convinced it to settle for eating the one horse.

The second day, we were attacked by nine orcs, the “Bloody Tongue Tribe,” that wanted us to pay 100 gold each to pass. I took one group out with a lightning bolt, and most of the rest with a fireball from the Rod of Wonder. Unfortunately, our orc suffered severe injuries from the blast (which I healed up) and the ninja was beyond help. Strangely, the hawk woman smeared the ash from his scorched remains into her feathers, and put on his mask.

Yesterday, we made it to meet the barbarians Quentin sought. I stayed with the other three till he came back, then shared a tent with him. If all goes well, he’ll have the artifact he seeks and we can leave at dawn, if not, I’ll be left behind to “take care” of the little band of bodyguards he hired. Though they all fancy themselves fighters, I’ve had enough time to watch the raptoran and the aasimar to know their weaknesses....

Posted by Kristin at 14:39 | Sanura’s Journal

Journal Found in the Triboar Marketplace

Kanelyth's Journal

Under Waterdeep

Finally, I overheard that the man in black’s name is Shoshiro. I also found out that he rather disapproves of Sanura’s “profession” ... ie. her “clerical duties”. I wrapped my wings about me, and listened to the strange folk. Eventually, we decided to stay in the manticore’s lair for a full day to heal ourselves. First Eleioni, then Flic, then I took watch. My watch was the most eventful. Almost before I could warn the others, a huge hulking humanoid came out of the darkness and smashed into me with a club!

I backed away along an inside wall, drinking a healing potion as fast as I dared. The undead ogre ignored hoshiro’s caltrops scattered before it, and took another swing, thankfully missing me. I shot it, and so did Shoshiro and Eleioni, while Sanura waved her holy symbol before its face. Nothing affected it except Flic’s magic missiles. Shoshiro turned invisible and attacked from behind, nearly getting clubbed for his efforts, but still did no real damage. Sanura was very frustrated that her turnings had no effect!

Someone suggested using oil and flame against the undead thing. Smashing oil flasks all over it was relatively easy (thanks, Shoshiro!), but the flame? We’d been using magical light sources, and had no time to pull out a flint and steel to start a proper fire. Lucky for us, the creature itself did the trick: smashing its club into the floor after narrowly missing Flic, it hit a discarded dagger, and the sparks from the blow set it alight. It still managed to lay out Eleioni and hurt Sanura pretty badly before collapsing in a smoky heap.

As we talked over making a trip to another room to “rest”, the floating eyeball passed the doorway! Yet again, it simply looked in on us and continued. I wonder what that thing sees, every day... at least it helped us choose a direction - away from it! Upon finding a chamber with stone doors, Flic sent his owl to check the place out; finding only bat skeletons, we wedged the doors shut and finally settled down to rest and heal.

Eleioni had been hurt the worst, so he stayed in the “safe” room while the rest of us did a little exploring. We quickly found a hallway full of stone statues, and Sanura could see that they were magical. This didn’t stop Flic from shoving one over to see what might be underneath. I was horrified by the noise, even though he found a hole in the base that held some gold coins. I refused to help as he and Shoshiro smashed a second, and headed for a third. Sure enough, Flic’s owl caught the sound of many someones approaching!

We raced for the “safe” room, richer by a few gold coins and a moonstone, and found ourselves listening to the clumping of many many booted feet right outside our door. In fact, Flic and Sanura had to hold onto the door handle to keep it shut when someone(thing?) on the other side gave it a rattle!

There were a lot of bows drawn at that door, I can tell you! We waited for a very long time... or, whatever Flic seemed to think was a long time. He and Eleioni, our only members with full dark vision, stared into the blackness and declared that all was safe. Off we went!

Many halls were explored, many doors were opened. We found a throne room, with snakes carved all around the throne, and a glowing ball of light on the ceiling. It also held a dead - and purple - orc. Another door had a trap on it and gave Shoshiro a small cut, but he ignored it. Yet another room had a big lever installed in the center, and an open shaft above that ended in a ceiling some twenty feet up. Shoshiro tied a rope to the lever and gave it a yank - then another - then a third. The lever moved, nothing happened. We argued about what it meant, and tried shoving it the other way. Still - nothing. (I wonder what we were setting off elsewhere?)

After a while, Shoshiro went off to explore in one direction, and Flic in another, using his owl’s sharp hearing to warn us of strangers. Flic found a room with a circle of glowing runes that he said were for summoning and binding - at least no one experimented with them! And the double doors at the far end of the lever room were opened by Shoshiro to reveal a large chamber, full of goblins at their cooking fires and a big figure with an axe at the far end of the room! Shoshiro had the doors shut, caltrops strewn, and a rope woven through the handles in the time it took Sanura to cast something behind us as we ran!

Down one hallway, up another, all around we went, listening for the sounds of pursuit and looking for another room we could shut ourselves into for a time. When we found one... it had two sarcophagi inside. Sanura could sense that one of them contained undead, so I took myself to the other end of the room... where Flic was shoving the lid off the top of the other coffin. The skeletal remains of a human were inside, and a set of plate mail and great sword. Eleoni wanted it - Eleioni got it.

Sanura showed us all how quickly she can remove armor by demonstrating on Eleioni’s old gear *blink* - and, while he got dressed in the new stuff, the rest of them made it clear that they intended to attack whatever was in the other coffin. They’re brave enough! Eleioni shoved the top off of the sarcophagus, Flic cast a spell on himself, and I readied an arrow at the dessicated female form, holding a stick, rising up before us. Shoshiro attacked from behind, then Sanura turned her, and Flic and I shot her.

Eleioni charged into battle - and suddenly slowed waaaay down. Oh, no - cursed armor!

Luckily, we were able to kill the undead by shooting arrows from a distance, for Eleioni was not able to help. When we were able to focus on his new problem, we also found that we couldn’t remove the armor! Flic got the wand - a wand of magic missiles - and we set off down the halls again with Eleioni lumbering along behind. Naturally, we got within earshot of the goblins again. The only route away from their voices turned out to have a big crevice across the floor and a twenty-five foot drop to the bottom; easy for me to cross, but the others?

Worse yet, when we got to the edge, we were attacked by monsters from below. They looked like hands, and they hurt! I saw a skeleton at the bottom of the crevice as I leapt across, but the hands distracted us all - arrows and magic missiles and simply stomping the things did little; more and more swarmed us. Somehow, we began to destroy the things - my short sword helped - but not before Eleioni fell to the bottom of the chasm. At the sound of goblins approaching, we were forced to leave him there to play dead while we headed for the door a few feet away...

Around the maze

The party, minus one, ran through the door and shut it on the goblins behind us before looking around. There was soot everywhere, a door with “death lies here” written over it, torn-up stones in the middle of the room, and other exits - but the big black dragon in the far corner arrested our attention! Shoshiro instantly turned invisible and grabbed Sanura, spiriting her away through another door to our left. I stood behind Flic as he said “Hi” to the beast, explaining that goblins were chasing us. Staring at the dragon, I found it hard to believe that such a creature would live in these catacombs... at which point Sanura popped the door open and yanked me through!

As she did so, the dragon reared back and spat acid at Flic and the owl, felling them both. But even as Sanura screamed at the gory sight, I realized - they were unharmed, but unconscious, and the dragon was a translucent illusion of some kind. I pulled the door further ajar and dragged their bodies inside (which disturbed the poor cleric something terrible), and caught sight of a multitude of rats, dire rats, and a ratlike person entering the dragon’s room from yet another door. Shoshiro had left, taking our only light source, but I shoved the door anyway, trying to keep our new visitors out.

No time - no luck. I was hit by a crossbolt as I slammed the door, and ended up with a dire rat on our side of the barrier - and no light to see it by! I was trying to explain to Sanura that Flic and his owl were NOT dead, and that there was a dire rat in with us, and that the door had no lock and a swarm on the other side - all at once. I did my best to jam a dagger into the door to hold it, and pulled out my sword to find the dire rat in the dark. I heard it fighting with Sanura, then saw the door burst open with the rat-man leading his swarm. Down I went under them all, and the last thing I saw was the goblins opening the door to the dragon’s room...

...I woke up in a strange room, with everyone except Shoshiro - still running? - and Eleioni, plus the rat-man. Sanura had cast a spell on him which made him want to help her, and us by extension. His rats had driven off the goblins that the dragon hadn’t terrified, and Amos had led and carried us here. He collects interesting things to sell above in Waterdeep - we were lucky! Sanura bartered some of her jewelry for healing potions, Flic asked about the statue we’d originally come down here to find (no luck), and how to get back to Waterdeep, ourselves!

Finally, Amos left to do his own thing, and we headed back to get Eleioni, explaining to Sanura and Flic that the dragon wasn’t real. As we walked, Flic showed me a silver circlet and asked me to put it on. I was suspicious, especially after Eleioni’s armor disaster - so, when Flic insisted I try it, I took the thing and quickly shoved it onto his own brow. Suddenly, Flic had a whole new presence, regal and commanding. I was impressed, but Sanura was downright smitten!

Eleioni was right where we’d left him in the crevice. Flic chucked a rock at him and asked him if he was dead yet, and he stopped playing dead to tell us, “No!” I lowered a rope, Flic tied it to the door handle, and Eleioni finally made it to the surface. Behind us, we heard a door open in the dragon’s room - before we had a chance to get nervous, we heard the “dragon” spit acid and the sound of screams and running! I must admit that I found it funny, after we saw there were no “victims” this time.

Before we moved on, Flic climbed down (followed by Sanura) to check the skeleton for himself. They found a three-foot-long stick in its severed left hand, and brought it up with them. As we set off down the hallway that Shoshiro had taken long before, Eleioni asked if we had any healing magic among us. Sanura told him that she was out - I drew her aside and asked why, knowing she’d gotten some potions from the rat-man. It turned out that she was saving all of them for Flic, just in case! I tried hard not to laugh, and managed to cajole one potion from her for Eleioni.

She also wanted us to walk in the dark, so she had an excuse to hang onto Flic. She was not happy when Eleioni cast a light spell for those who could not see! We walked the strange halls, looking into rooms again - found one with rubble on the floor and a glowing ball of light that moved towards Flic when he walked in, so we walked right back out! We ended up back at the dragon’s room, and tried a door behind its image, entering a large chamber.
I tried leaping off of Eleioni’s shoulders, but still only managed a glide.

The owl mocked me mildly, and then - we heard Shoshiro shouting! Flic was first down the hall, heading for the noise, and the rest of us followed, poor Eleioni bringing up the rear.

Helpful finds and finding help

We reached the source of the shouting only to find Shoshiro standing in a doorway and staring down the hall. When I asked him what was going on, he rudely told me to stay out of his way. Sanura walked past him and through the door, at which point Shoshiro turned and dashed behind a throne - the same snake throne as before, and the same dead purple orc beside it. As the sound of goblins advancing became clear, I headed toward one of the two doorways behind the throne, telling Sanura to follow me. Whatever Shoshiro had planned, I didn’t want to be between his victims and himself!

Sanura, of course, wondered what had happened to Flic; frankly, I had no idea. Hopefully he was out of sight of the goblins, because we could hear many of their voices on the other side of the door! We also looked at the three-foot-long stick that Sanura had been carrying since finding it with the skeleton, and found the word “Erethog” written on the side. Curious, she said it out loud - but nothing happened, that we could tell! Of course, it had been pointed at the wall, not a living thing, so... I cautiously opened the door a crack, Sanura stuck the point of the stick through it at the goblins, and repeated, “Erethog!”

We were immediately soaked by a drenching rainfall.

I shut the door, wondering what, exactly, this wand was supposed to do.
Sanura, of course, let curiosity get the better of her again, and opened the door a sliver to repeat the experiment. This time, dancing rainbow colors filled the room! I put my hand on the wand and said “Erethog” for myself - more dancing rainbow colors!

One wonders what the goblins were thinking. Or Shoshiro, for that matter.

Sanura gave the wand another “Erethog” and this time caused a sphere of darkness to envelop the goblins milling about in the throne room. Shrill screaming erupted as the goblins panicked outright. I’d have almost felt bad for them, except that we were laughing too hard. Sanura even added some scary noises to keep them agitated, while I shot a couple of arrows into the blackness. Finally, goblins began to run out of the sphere, and caught sight of our open door. I shot one, while Sanura erethogged another. His armor became translucent, and was left hanging in midair while he and his companions fled the room!

A loud hissing filled the air, but the source was within the sphere of darkness. Realizing that Shoshiro hadn’t been seen or heard from in a while, I called out to ask if he was all right - back came the answer, he wasn’t well at all. Sanura kept the Erethog rod trained on the door, while Shoshiro crawled toward the sound of our voices. He’d been poisoned, somehow - I quickly used another of Sanura’s healing potions on him, although it didn’t cure him, he was strengthened by it. And, naturally, the next thing through the door to feel the wrath of Erethog was Eleioni.

Eleioni promptly turned as purple as the dead orc. He was understandably perturbed by this! They argued, but all Sanura wanted to know was what had happened to Flic. Eleioni spotted the floating armor and begged us to do the same to his cursed set - so we tried. We managed to hit him with a lightning bolt, and cause leaves to sprout all over him, and blind him with shimmering colors and a giant butterfly swarm before he got us to quit (and Shoshiro grabbed the rod from us for a moment. Shoshiro was not pleased with how things went - we’d messed up his own plans).

We did agree that we needed to go back to the surface, prize or no prize.
After a while, the sphere of darkness dissipated, and we headed back, watching for Flic. Sadly, we found him in the hall of statues, next to yet another broken one, but turned into a statue, himself! I was barely able to drag him along, but it kept us from outpacing Eleioni. We were hearing goblins again before we found the way back to the entrance, but they didn’t turn our way. Sadly, the antimagic room failed to fix either Flic or Eleioni’s predicament, but we did eventually emerge back at the bar, to the great amusement of the patrons!

At least they were kind enough to point us in the way of the temple district, and aboveground, the effects of Shoshiro’s poisoning seemed to be wearing off. We talked over methods of payment (and how much fixing our party members might cost!), and argued Sanura’s claim that Flic was her “boyfriend”. While the temple folk appraised our treasure and weighed it against our predicaments, we also questioned Shoshiro as to why he was sticking around despite claiming that he didn’t give a d**m about any of us. He’s a curious one... I don’t even know what he looks like, under that mask... nor Sanura, I’ll bet!

Unfortunately, fixing Eleioni and Flic was well outside of our power to pay. We were still absorbing the impact of that (unsurprising) fact when a well-dressed stranger approached us. He sounded sympathetic to our predicament, introducing himself as Quentin Morden of a merchants’ consortium of guilds in Waterdeep, and one who had witnessed our efforts to bring our friends to safety. He offered us dinner, and a job!

Better yet, he was willing to pay for Eleioni and Flic’s restoration to their usual selves in return for us escorting him north on a visit to the Uthgart tribes. He wanted us to get him there for trade negotiations, and get him back to Waterdeep. I know the journey is dangerous, but it seemed worth it for our friends’ sakes. Naturally, Shoshiro refused to be part of the bargain, and, when Flic was reanimated he was quite offended by the deal made without him. He even tried to blame our new Erethog rod on being turned into a statue!

I laughed at them and went off to get a bath and a bed, and woke up looking forward to a new adventure. Flic and Shoshiro, too, showed up in the morning, although they swear they’re not part of any agreement with Quentin. I am glad they came along...

Out of Town

Quentin arrived with saddle horses for each of us. I suppose it makes sense to travel faster, but I was some time to find one that didn’t shy away from my wings! This isn’t helping me practice my flying...

We traveled a few days, settling into a routine. We had tents, while Quentin had a magical cottage to sleep in. We often used its roof when on watch for a better view of the surroundings. Sanura quit eyeing Flic and began flirting with Quentin, with an eye to sleeping in the cottage if nothing else, I suspect! I can’t tease her too much, however, as my curiosity about what Shoshiro looks like and why he’s travelling with us finally inspired me to crawl into his tent one night...

Shoshiro is very entertaining in his own way...

A few nights in, we were awakened on Flic’s watch by shouting that wolves with riders were attacking the camp. In the near-darkness I might have been the only one to catch that Sanura leaped from her tent and ...flashed the attackers... in response. It didn’t stop her from being attacked... There was a lot of confusion and running around, but I did my best to make sense from chaos.

Shoshiro was already on the roof of the cottage, shooting at wolves and riders alike while calling out (to me?) to get up there as well. Flic was running for the cottage with a wolf and rider close behind, Sanura was being attacked right in front of her tent, and Eleioni and I were pulling bows and arrows out of our tents as fast as we could. Unfortunately for Eleioni, his armor and all his gear were in the tent, but more on that later. A flaming sphere appeared near Flic, controlled by him, which also helped the rest of us see better.

I stood still and shot arrow after arrow at Sanura’s attackers, while she crawled back into her tent, looking badly hurt. Next thing I knew, “Erethog!” was uttered, and hundreds of butterflies erupted from her tent!
Another “erethog” and grass grew all around us, to a height of four feet (except near Flic’s flaming sphere, naturally). A third “erethog” even as the warg and goblin tore through the wall of Sanura’s tent, and a giant rhinocerous appeared in the midst of the camp, rage in its eyes. I stood still in shock as it stomped the warg and goblin to death!

The surviving wargs and goblins fled without looking back, leaving a rampaging rhino behind. It swung its head around, staring at Flic, Eleioni, and myself, who were all standing as still as we could so as not to set it off further. Even Sanura stayed quiet in the remains of her tent. As it looked away from me, I tried to back away slowly, but crunched something in the grass and thought - this is it! At the same instant, Shoshiro made an astonishing leap from the roof of the cottage, screaming curses at the beast, and dashing away from the camp with the rhino in hot pursuit!

Unfortunately for Eleioni, the shortest route was over his tent, which was trampled into the dirt and everything inside smashed to useless bits. At that, I was relieved that it wasn’t Sanura’s! I was crouching in the deep grass, hoping that the rhino didn’t turn back in our direction after Shoshiro went invisible (I was sure that must be his plan), when something very unexpected happened. Flic’s owl swept down at the charging rhino, and grabbed it with a talon, delivering a spell of some kind from Flic but also causing the rhino to sweep it out of the air with its horn and gore it to death. Poor owl - and worse, poor Flic! He screamed like a madman and dashed after the rhino, despite an “erethog” from Sanura that only caused another sphere of darkness to hide it from us.

We couldn’t see what was happening, so I jumped to the roof and called to Eleioni and Sanura to join me. Eleioni, especially, needed another healing potion, and safety without his armor. All we could hear was screaming, bellowing, charging, and suddenly - the sight of the rhino charging blindly through camp one more time before disappearing into the darkness of the night. Quiet settled over the plain, the flames began to die down, and Shoshiro alone appeared from the other side of the sphere of darkness.

Apparently, he’d been trying to lure the rhino away a second time, when Flic hit it with his flaming sphere spell, and was trampled by the beast. He never had a chance, and quickly joined his owl! Poor Sanura!

Loss and Gain

We waited for daybreak, Sanura praying, Eleioni making a cairn over the spot where Flic died. Shoshiro and I wandered off and celebrated life and surviving in our own way... when Quentin awoke, he was sorry to hear of Flic’s death, but we had to move on. We were lucky to find all of the horses, and continued north.

During the day, we crossed paths with a dwarven caravan headed south and followed, oddly enough, by an orc. We chatted among ourselves about what they meant by that, and turned off the road to let the group pass. When it halted, we asked - what news? Large beasts in the night, was the answer, an embarrassing reminder of Sanura’s erethog and its productions. She then asked them about the orc, and the dwarves kind of smiled and said they’d found him to be harmless. I just had to go ask him who he was and where he was going, after that...

Kor’tac was friendly enough, and told me confidently that he was going “home” to the north. I was surprised, to be sure, and pointed out that he was going in the opposite direction! As I headed back to my party, I saw him shrug and turn around, walking back the way he’d come. Sanura and Eleioni were already deep into discussing Eleioni’s view of life as our group passed the orc by (Eleioni’s a bit naive, and who am I to talk?), but I saw Quentin look twice at a seven-foot-tall fighter carrying a bunch of weapons, and he soon turned back to chat while we waited.

Kor’tac seems even more naive than Eleioni, but was happy to hire on with Quentin to come with us and provide some extra protection. We distributed his gear among our horses, he jumped onto Flic’s former mount (poor horse!), and we rode off to the north. It was a quiet day, and we made camp as usual, except being short a few tents. Shoshiro was kind enough to share with me, but Sanura refused to share with Eleioni, and Quentin went to bed without her, so Kor’tac ended up rolled up in a blanket against the cottage. The night’s watches were uneventful (outside our tent, that is. Sanura looked rather nettled when I told her that “ladies never tell!” while we were breaking camp in the morning!).

We began to come out of the plains the next day, seeing trees and scattered farms and even a ruined tower on a low hill, when Shoshiro spotted movement to our left and quickly dashed off for a closer look. We stopped, and Kor’tac dismounted to stand by Quentin’s horse, while I drew my bow and nocked an arrow. Shoshiro’s shout soon rang out - skeletons were coming through the trees toward us! I dismounted, putting my bow aside to get out my sling, when Sanura pulled out her holy symbol and cast a turn on the things that changed them all to dust on the spot!

Before we had a chance to relax, however, a large stony winged creature swept down from the ruined tower and attacked Sanura, and a volley of magic missiles from the same direction struck Quentin. I shot the gargoyle, to no effect, and Sanura cast something at it to no avail - only a loud noise that frightened her horse into bolting. I ran up to the gargoyle and stabbed it with my short sword and it didn’t even scratch the thing’s hide. I got out of the way, shouting “Erethog!” at Sanura, who quickly pulled out the rod.

Unfortunately, the gargoyle decided to continue its attack on her, and swiped and bit her hard. I ran to her and grabbed the rod away, pointed and shouted “Erethog” for all I was worth. Another angry rhinocerous appeared and I thought we were done for. It took a step toward the gargoyle, which immediately took off flying to get out of reach, and left Sanura and myself frozen next to it yet again. I think I heard her praying. Shoshiro and Kor’tac were long gone, searching the ruined tower for the source of the magic missiles, Quentin was trying to calm his horse, and Eleioni was trying to hold the rest of the horses still. When they broke free from him it was sufficent distraction for the rhino, which charged after them - bad for the horses, but good for us!

As Sanura healed herself, I looked out for the gargoyle - sure enough, it was watching us from the trees. I erethog’d it, and only sent a stream of gems its way. Sanura pulled out her crossbow and shot it - actually did some damage - and got a screech of rage and another attack for her efforts!
When I erethog’d it again, I covered it with green fire. Sanura cast a ray of burning light at it, which did more damage and earned another attack, so I erethog’d yet again. An elephant arrived. This time, the gargoyle didn’t get a chance to take off, and the elephant finished it off while we got out of the way. When it looked around for more victims, Sanura cast some kind of calming spell at it, which thankfully worked. As it wandered away, I ran up the hill to the tower, cursing my landbound status all the way.

At the top of the hill was a strange little creature - I can hardly describe it. Of course, when it came after me, I erethog’d it; the ray I shot it with didn’t do anything, but as I looked around for Shoshiro and Kor’tac, it collapsed anyway. And on the other side of the hill, I spotted Shoshiro standing over a wizard’s body and gave him a wave. We spent some time searching the bodies for anything interesting, and collected some weapons for Eleioni. Sadly, we were now short of horses, but a forced march saw us safe in a village for the night.

The long haul

Morning dawned, and Quentin bought a wagon for our last two horses to pull.
We crowded in and set off to the north, with Shoshiro scouting ahead and Sanura up front flirting outrageously with Quentin. Kor’tac didn’t last long after she started, either, and was out walking next to the wagon while I wrapped my wings around me and tried not to giggle too loudly. What a way to distract herself from Flic’s death! Eleioni leaned out of the wagon and warned Kor’tac to beware the Erethog wand, which made me giggle even more.
As far as I know, that wand was more useful than harmful to us, but Eleioni can’t forgive the purple leaves.

We camped quietly, and were some hours into our second day’s travel when a mounted patrol passed us. They gave the orc the eye, but let him be (especially after he asked them which way was still north). Sanura, of course, flirted with them, probably hoping for some sign of jealousy from Quentin. The rest of the day was quiet, and we made camp; Sanura found herself sulking in her tent again, not in Quentin’s house. I was on watch on top of the cottage, myself, when out of nowhere something bit me!

As I let out a screech of warning, I spotted a bunch of zombies that had somehow snuck into camp under my very nose. Curses! I was being slashed at a second time by my attacker when suddenly Shoshiro landed on the roof beside me. I shook of a momentary stiffness, and we stabbed the zombie on the roof while Sanura did her clerical goodness and dusted several.
Unfortunately, I spotted another dragging Eleioni away, and we had to chase it down for Sanura to kill. We then built a fire and waited for daybreak, and for Eleioni’s paralysis to wear off.

The next day was quiet, passing occasional farms and listening to Sanura tell Quentin many brave stories. I wondered quietly to myself about what being bitten by the creature the night before might mean... especially as Eleioni began to look rather sick the next day. He didn’t say anything, either, and we drove on. Around noon, we stopped at the sight of a man limping along the road. He looked like a farmer who’d been beaten bloody, but Sanura cast a spell at him and told us that he was actually evil... and so was Shoshiro!

Shoshiro is a quick thinker, and took off some bracers he’d gotten from one of our opponents. When he handed them to me - Sanura saw me as evil, instead. Interesting! In the meantime, Kor’tac had gotten out of the wagon and gone to speak to the farmer at a distance from our employer. The farmer called to us that “something” had bitten him the night before, while keeping a distance from the orc. Sanura quickly climbed down from the wagon and went to heal the man, despite her earlier reservations. He thanked her, and told her that his attacker appeared to be a deformed badger. He also warned us of bandits on the road ahead.

We continued without trouble, although Eleioni just had to try on the “evil” bracers. The night was quiet, but he looked (and admitted to feeling) even worse the next day. We were all glad to reach a larger town and some proper rest, healing, and supplies - maybe even horses to speed our way!


Sanura went into town with the various items we’d collected, and returned with over three hundred gold for each off us. She then disappeared into Quentin’s room. Shoshiro and I were unable to restrain our curiosity and climbed the outside of the building to see if Sanura had finally succeeded in her designs. We were well rewarded! I got some new ideas, anyway... but we had to leave when we could no longer control our giggling. Back to our own room for some rest before our watch!

We didn’t get much rest, and not for the usual reasons. Screams from next door woke Shoshiro, and I woke to see him dashing out the door wearing only his mask and pants and dragon tattoo. Kor’tac was standing in the hallway, so we told him to bash it open, and quick! I could hear Sanura scream as Kor’tac made his first attempt, and Eleioni arrived. Shoshiro’s kick failed to open the door (and I checked the handle to make sure it was locked. It was!). Finally, Kor’tac broke down the door.

We found a bloody Sanura trying to shield Quentin’s body on the bed, while a shadowy figure stabbed at them both. Shoshiro disappeared, then stabbed the figure in the back! I followed with a second hit, and Eleioni dropped him.
He then cut the man’s throat to be certain. Sanura was healing Quentin, ignoring her own wounds, while Eleioni actually went back to bed, still feeling sick. Shoshiro went to find the innkeeper, and met him in the hall. He was already calling for the town guard!

I got dressed and brought Shoshiro a shirt while we checked the body and waited for the guard. Luckily, Sanura had saved Quentin’s life and healed his wounds, but he didn’t know the attacker. Neither did the guards, when they arrived - and it took some talking to keep from being arrested ourselves, at first! Eventually, we moved Quentin to a new room and set up watches for the rest of the night. Sanura ended up outside and complained until dumped in the bath. Hope she forgave me...

By morning, she must have, as she healed everyone’s wounds - even Eleoni looked better! She then went to the temple the would-be assassin had been taken to, to see if someone had cast speak with dead on it. Not yet, and Quentin did not want to wait. He went off with Eleioni and Kor’tac for guards, while Shoshiro slept in and I stayed with Sanura. Eventually, the spell was cast - but we learned little. The man was a member of the order of Kraken, paid by the “Hand of Moander” to kill Quentin, no reason given.
We headed back to the inn, where Sanura did more healing, especially on Eleioni.

Quentin returned with more riding horses and no wagon, and we set off.
Camping proved that there was trouble in paradise already - Sanura did not get to sleep in Quentin’s cottage! The next day was quiet, although Eleioni was looking sicker again, and that night, Sanura managed to talk her way into the house, after all. We settled down to our usual watches... and halfway through second watch, Kor’tac kicked the side of the tent and told Shoshiro and me to wake up but be quiet - in his usual orcish bellow.

Once out of the tent, I could see one large figure, and six smaller ones. I told Shoshiro what I could see, while Kor’tac yelled at them to stop and tell us who they were. None answered, so I pulled my bow and shot the largest one. For some reason, this earned me a glare from Kor’tac before he went back to yelling at them to stop. Next thing, Eleioni was standing in front of me, Shoshiro had disappeared, and javelins were raining down on us all. Shoshiro appeared behind a goblin and stabbed it to death, while I stepped to one side of Eleioni and shot the now-recognizeable ogre a second time.

The remaining goblins charged at us. Kor’tac promptly killed two, Eleoni nearly beheaded one with a single blow, and Shoshiro was swarmed and hit by the ogre! I shot and missed, then ran toward him. Kor’tac reached the ogre before me, killing the two goblins beside it and then beating the ogre to a pulp. I quickly poured healing potions down Shoshiro’s throat while thanking Kor’tac! There was nothing useful on the bodies, so the rest went back to bed, and I spent my watch arranging the bodies in unusual positions for Sanura’s amusement. She found Kor’tac’s ogre head on a stick the funniest and regretted missing the fight!

After a few more days, we reached the hamlet of Longsaddle and a last chance to rest before reaching our destination. Eleioni went looking for armor, Sanura looked for a temple, and Kor’tac checked out weapons for sale.
Eleioni finally found out what disease he’s been suffering from - but the only cleric that could heal it is back in the previous city. We’ll have to hope that Sanura can keep him on his feet until our return. Once at the inn for the evening, we found that Sanura had gotten into Quentin’s bed again.
Shoshiro and I giggled outside the window a second time, then went to bed.

Next morning, we were off to the Uthgart tribes.

Tribal dealings

Our quiet ride didn’t last long before a white dragon came over the eastern hills and targeted our party. Blasts of cold caused most of our horses, plus Eleioni, to slump to the ground. Sanura was able to heal her horse, while Shoshiro and I poured healing potions down our horses’ throats. My next healing potion went down Eleioni’s horse’s throat, so I could throw him over his own saddle and lead his horse to safety!

Kor’tac and Shoshiro shot arrows at the dragon as it swept by on another attack, while Sanura used the erethog rod on it - but only caused a green cloud to appear, which the dragon ignored. It then bit Shoshiro, who collapsed! I raced toward him, but Sanura was there first, and he was weak but alive, to my great relief. I’d been cursing that thought that I’d used my last healing potions on a horse!

I spurred my horse and led Eleioni’s horse in a race after Quentin, while an “erethog” from behind made many dancing colors to blind the white dragon.
One more “erethog” and a grassy field grew up behind us. Kor’tac was off his horse and crouching behind his shield for the next attack, but the dragon went after his horse, instead. We ended up with Kor’tac on Shoshiro’s horse, Sanura on Eleioni’s horse with him (and healing him), and Shoshiro jogging alongside us all. I was very glad he survived!

The rest of the day was quiet, and Sanura did a lot of healing when we camped. Shoshiro gave me a healing potion that turned out to be ale, which made me laugh! The night was quiet, but the morning dawned on a sick-looking Eleioni again. Sanura did her best with him, and we went on.
We were getting close to the forest that was our destination, when we spotted nine humanoid figures coming our way. Orcs! Shoshiro quickly disappeared, and Kor’tac walked ahead to parley.

Well, that did not end well. Whatever was said, it ended with the orcs attacking Kor’tac. We joined the fight! The erethog rod, unfortunately, made the orc leader grow to twice his original size. We were shooting and swinging, casting spells and “erethog” zapped a lightning bolt through the orcs, killing several. I saw Shoshiro get hit hard by one, and disappear.
Sanura aimed the erethog wand at the largest orc and caused a huge fireball to explode in the middle of the battle!

After that, we were down to one regular orc and the big one, against Sanura, Eleioni, and myself. Kor’tac and Shoshiro had been hit by the fireball, as well. I kept shooting at the smaller orc, while Sanura swiped repeatedly at the larger. She was able to kill the big one, and I finally shot the little one to death. At that point, Eleioni sadly told us that Shoshiro was no more. I dragged Sanura over to him as fast as we could run, but it was too late.

The others left me alone with him for a little while. He’d burned to death, but I was able to take his mask, and his shortbow, and some of the other things he kept hidden but told me about. Did he ever think I’d have to make use of that knowledge? I smeared ashes through my feathers and walked over to where Sanura was healing Kor’tac. How dare he survive when Shoshiro did not? As soon as he woke up, I stabbed him!

The dagger bounced off his armor, and he took a swing at me but missed.
Glaring at him, I stalked away from the group and waited while they searched the orcs’ corpses, and Eleioni covered Shoshiro’s body. Finally, we rode on to the forest.

I refused to “take a night off” from watch; I couldn’t sleep, anyway.

The next day, we rode through the forest, finally reaching Quentin’s destination: an encampment of the Great Wyrm tribe. They did not like seeing Kor’tac among us, but they didn’t attack, so we sat back and let Quentin do the talking. Soon, he was led off to a tent to speak with the tribal leaders, and we were taken to another tent to rest. Eleioni kept worrying about me, but I told him I was fine. Leaving ashes on my feathers is grief, not madness!

Night fell, and Sanura wandered off to Quentin’s tent. We stood watch but the camp was quiet. In the morning, Quentin was ready to leave. I asked how the negotiations went, and he shook his head - not so well as he’d hoped, apparently. We bought some new healing potions and salves from the tribe, and rode out of camp to the south.

We were an hour or so away from the camp when a dozen tribe members appeared out of the underbrush and ordered us to stop. They accused us of stealing the Wyrm’s Heart, some tribal artifact! I looked to see Quentin’s reaction, only to hear him tell them that perhaps one of his servants may have taken it, but when we asked him for a translation, he said it was a “misunderstanding” and we had to be searched.

Eleioni volunteered, and they found nothing. I did, next, wondering what trick Quentin may have pulled - but they found nothing on me, either.
Kor’tac and Sanura did not have the Wyrm’s Heart, nor did Quentin, and I bit my tongue rather than ask about his magical shelter. He was our employer, after all...

Finally, the tribe members told us that we had to return with them and wait until the artifact was found. Quentin agreed, told us we were heading back, and actually started north... but quietly threw a small orb over his shoulder at the group of tribesmen behind us, which detonated in a large fireball and killed them all! He then turned to us and told us to “deal with this”, and disappeared.

So, we’re standing alone in hostile territory with a bunch of charred remains to hide. I guess we’d better find a low spot to drag them to and cover with leaves...

Wait, Sanura’s killing Eleioni! What does she think she’s doing? I have to stop her —

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Roywyn's Bio

Roywyn's Journal ~PC Bios~

I don’t know if dear Windy (er, Rowind to anyone else!) realizes, it, but this month marks our 10th anniversary traveling and performing together. While I wouldn’t trade that time for anything, sometimes, listening to the fantastic tales he shares with our audiences, I get to wishing that we could experience some adventures like those firsthand.

There’s more to it, really, something I haven’t ever told anyone. About 11 years ago, I was getting very discouraged with the direction my life was headed. I had only been providing musical performances for gnomes, and, to be honest, there are a lot of gnome musicians. I was eager to venture to distant lands (other than portal-hopping back and forth from Lantan to Waterdeep), but was unsure that I’d be safe on my own.

I guess I wasn’t.

I was playing my lute while walking along a lonely road, not really knowing or caring what direction I was headed in. I had recently left Waterdeep, and I was near Triboar, I think.

And then I wasn’t.

I found myself in a beautiful land, though kind of scary too. It was night, and the stars above were in constellations unfamiliar to me. The air was colder and brisker than it had been moments before. The trees were so much larger than any I had ever seen, impossibly bigger. Even in the darkness, the colors of the vegetation were much more vibrant.

I wasn’t sure what to do, so I cautiously continued to explore, a little scared and a little excited. There wasn’t a sound, not even the crickets that so often sing at night. So, mostly to comfort myself, I sang just to have something to listen to, and to help me stay awake, for though the night air was stimulating, I found myself getting sleepy quite quickly.

I woke up, some unknown amount of time later. I was just outside of Waterdeep, and upon returning to the city, discovered that several months had passed. I bumped into Rowind, who recognized me. I was so relieved to see a friendly face, and as he was heading out on the road to perform in some of the smaller villages north of Waterdeep, I eagerly joined him. We’ve been together ever since, and I’ve felt much safer being with him.

I’ve also since discovered that I can sometimes find crossroads— little “shortcuts” hidden from normal view and protected by fey guardians. Apparently the guardians love music, and sometimes allow us to pass through one of their protected backroads if they are pleased by a performance. But always, we find ourselves somewhere recognizable in Faerūn, and always have been able to return home by a similar means.

Today as we entered Triboar, I thought I may have finally caught a glimpse of... something. Something that made the memories of that time 11 years ago come racing back. I think I’m ready to go look for that vibrant land again.

Roywyn, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Roywyn Rivenstone [Rock Gnome Bard]

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Rowind's Bio

Rowind's Journal XPCs

To the six of you out there who don’t know who I am allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rowind Gimble and I am a great and well-known orator throughout much of the land. With my amazing and lovely companion Roywyn Rivenstone, we travel throughout the lands entertaining the people with our amazing show.

But first let me tell you a little of my childhood. I was born in Lantan the last in my small family of nine. We were quick to pick up different facets of performing. My brothers and sisters are mainly all dancers, yet I found myself disinterested in dance. My oldest brother became an illusionist. The Amazing Gimble, whom I’m sure you have heard of. He has taught me a great deal about illusion and I am sure that I could perform as one if I wished, but I know my calling. I am a storyteller in the purist form. And I can take the simplest stories and turn them into epic tales. When I was a young lad a mere 20 years of age I went hunting with my father and older brothers. It was fantastic, mainly because I was introduced to my second love, my flintlock pistol Argon. Ever since I first held it, I have always shot straight and true.

For 43 years I lived in Lantan, learning about the world and the skills I would need to make my way through it. On my 44th birthday I was given two gifts. The first was a plain steel ring from my father. He told me so long as I wore this ring, I would always be able to reload my pistol with something. Whether it was to defend myself or entertain others. My second gift was much more important. Performing at my party was the most beautiful songstress I have ever seen. Her name was Roywyn and I loved her from the first moment I ever laid eyes on her.

Two years passed and I was telling an epic story to group of dwarves in a tavern in Waterdeep when I saw her again. I knew in a world as big as this one, it had to be fate that we should be together. We got to talking and got along quite well, she was the first person in a long time to keep up with me on an intellectual level. She was great we finished each other’s sentences and seemed to fill in all of the area, which the other was weaker. So we have decided the best possible thing we could do was to travel together and perform together.

So for the last ten years we have traveled together performing in front of some of the most important people. One audience member was so impressed with are performance that he decided to give us a wonderful gift: a matching set of Mithral shirts to protect us on the dangerous roads. My life is absolutely perfect. I am a well-known performer, traveling throughout the land entertaining all who would enjoy it. I am traveling with a counterpart whom I love with all my heart. She is my best friend. My life is totally perfect, or it would be, if she only knew how I felt about her and she felt the same way back.

I will admit that I am not the most moral man in the world. I have a talent for survival and will do what it takes to take care of Roywyn and myself. I am out for our own personal happiness and keeping what I have.

Rowind, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Rowind Gimble [Rock Gnome Bard]

Cause of death: really big explosion.

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July 25, 2006

Rookinoniak's Bio

Rookinoniak's Journal XPCs

What can I say that isn’t obvious to anyone who meets me. I don’t like to stay in one place very long. My parents only stayed in Waterdeep long enough for me and my brother to be old enough to travel. I’ve already been to most of the larger cities in the world. I want to see more. I want to see everything there is to see and do everything I can do. If I kill evil along the way then all the better because evil is bad. Evil must die, but first I want to see everything.

Rookinoniak, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Rookinoniak Chebwith [Chaos Gnome Sorcerer]

Cause of death: bled out amidst a pile of healing potions, five feet from party members.

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Seren's Bio

Seren's Journal ~PC Bios~

What - never heard of a gloaming? Or just never met one? Yours truly is from well beneath Waterdeep, raised by one parent or the other, sometimes both - as each felt like it. I learned plenty on my own, too, and liked it that way.

Yes, I suppose I do look like a moth and glow like a firefly, but if you keep laughing you’ll get a surprise - I sting like a wasp as well. Hah - felt that arrow, did you?

I’ll be kind, however, and let you off with just a sting. I’m nice like that - Shaundakul would rather his clerics stay on the good side of life’s ledger. He asks so little of us, it’s a joy to worship him!

Well, my parents decided that I was ready to be on my own - or maybe I kind of decided it myself, when mother dropped me off at the usual meeting spot, and I didn’t wait for father to appear.

It was while I was working my way up to the surface on my own for the first time that I met the man who told me of Shaundakul. Now, I’ve picked myself a name with which to wander for a while, and see what there is to be seen.

Shaundakul makes it easy to wander - his holy day’s gift to his clerics being a full day of floating, ethereal, wherever the wind may take us. My trip landed me in Triboar, many miles to the northeast...

Seren, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Seren Udayudrim [Gloaming Ranger/Cleric]

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July 26, 2006

Tempus teaches me again

Kor'tac's Journal

I have found myself a chance to go after that werewolf that attacked me before and some strange new traveling companions. On the first part, I have not found the wolf yet, but I am on its trail. On the second part, I can only say that Tempus is teaching me again, and now it is patience. I will have to keep my eyes on these little friends if I am going to keep them alive. I have already found their fighting skills greatly lacking, they must have some other skill that kept them alive this long. Maybe I should start teaching them some combat basics, if I can.

This group offered to join me in my effort to kill this wolf, so far we have had two small fights. They are battered and brused and may need to return to town for now. I got some work to do to clean my armour while they heal. The one that talks a lot, he is funny. One has wings, makes me think of the bird lady that I could not save though. And then there is BoBo or RoRo or something like that.

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July 27, 2006

Nothing but Net

Roywyn's Journal

Mirtul 28, Kryptgarden Forest

We made it to Triboar and decided to provide some entertainment at the Frost Touched Frog Inn. Usually, the innkeeper will pay us in dinner, though someone threw coins into mine while I was singing (and Windy whipped them back at whoever did so!). In spite of the rather sparse crowd (is that an oxymoron?), I could barely hear myself over some obnoxious person in the room— turns out it was another gnome, or at least, he claims to be a gnome, but has red eyes and acts much more like a halfling. Whatever he was, he couldn’t form two coherent ideas in a row and would not stop sharing his train of thought with everyone around him.

I let Windy tell one of his tales while I played lute softly, hoping that would settle the rowdy fellow down. Another, er, a real halfling entered the inn just then, limping from an obviously recent attack. He talked to a very, very tall orc at the bar, and a gnome-sized female with furry wings that had been flitting around, but the loud gnome went over to chat with them and I never did hear what the wounded halfling said.

He apparently told the orc that there were werewolves in the nearby woods— Windy and I both perked up at that, as he did say we could go “adventuring” if the opportunity found us. We gave up on our performance at that point and wandered over to the small group, and it was decided that we’d go immediately to the Kryptgarden Forest west of town— the fear was that the halfling had been bitten by a wolf and may succumb to lycanthropy at the next full moon, tomorrow night! We were also warned that the forest contained evil “tree goblins” that were prone to attacking.

The halfling did not join us, but the other patrons of the bar did. Four of us are about 3’ tall, and the orc (Kor’tac) is well over 7’ tall— he was willing to let me and the other female (a gloaming called Seren) sit on his shoulders for a better view as we traveled! I already had the start of a good adventuring tale now, and we had barely left the town.

We found the woods quickly, and soon about eight wolves found us. I sang something I hoped was inspiring to the others while fighting wolves with my crossbow. Windy shot at some, and Seren did as well— I think the other gnome (who goes by Rookinoniak) was attempting to talk them to death. Kor’tac was amazing— where I was able to do some damage to a wolf, he took out several with one swing of a huge axe. I was bitten, but none of the wolves looked particularly lycanthropic (they all stayed as dead wolves after the skirmish, and lore tells us that killing your assailant prevents the magical curse from spreading to you), so I think I’ll be okay.

I got to talk to a porcupine briefly, asking him if there were any other wolves in the area. The porcupine pointed his nose in a lot of directions and said the wolves ate his friend, poor thing.

We walked in the direction the porcupine pointed first though, and eventually saw much movement in the trees. The tree goblins! Rookinoniak yelled at them, and the filthy, naked, hairy things all started leaping out of the trees, trying to bite us and throw nets over us. I hate goblins! I was able to kill one with a well-placed bolt right away, but soon the sheer number of creatures was overwhelming. Luckily, Kor’tac could kill several at a time, and he did most of the killing of the things. I had to stab at some from inside a net, but I held my own, at least. The talking gnome was hit so hard once that we thought he was dead, but some quick action on Windy’s part kept him alive (and talking).

Our only loot so far is about sixteen well-made nets, and Windy wants to know if I’ve had enough “adventuring” yet, but my, this is exciting!

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