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Vasha Bermin was found at an extremely young age in a gnomish burrow that had been overrun by undead who’d been dormant in a nearby cemetery– the dead gnomes she was found near had obviously expanded the gnomish home too closely to a seemingly-abandoned crypt.

Vasha was rescued and raised by a clan of traveling halflings who ranged far and wide throughout the Duchy of Urnst. Vasha enjoyed her time with the halflings, excelling and even surpassing the small folk with her ability to hide and sneak around, though she was always shocked at their predilection for “borrowing” things; though she has no problems with taking things from crypts (those bodies should stay dead, after all, and the gods help them if they don’t). In fact, she often heads to a town’s cemetery when entering a new community as a means of gathering information about the local living inhabitants. When Vasha was of age to live on her own, she attempted to settle in the small town of Fairhaven, with other gnomes, but found them to be a bit too boisterous for her personality. As a result, she tends to shy away from large town gatherings, preferring to keep her eye on things from afar, and shadowing new inhabitants till she determines whether or not they are trustworthy.

Vasha, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Vasha ‘Shadowstealer’ Bermin [Whisper Gnome Rogue]
(played by Kristin)

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