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Grundl was born and raised as a member of a group of dwarven raiders in a mountainous region of Greyhawk. The Band of the Bloody Axe (so named because of their terrible brutality and because of their signature weapon — an axe made from an unusual ore found only in the mountains near their stronghold that gives the steel a strange reddish hue.) made its living primarily by attacking passing caravans on a nearby trade route.

From a young age Grundl took part in these attacks, first as a scout and lookout, and later as a fighter for the Band. It was the only life he knew, and while something never felt quite right about his way of life, he didn’t know anything else. Until a new trade route opened further to the south.

Because of the new trade route, the Band of the Blood Axe had to change its strategy, and began to make raids on villages and towns in the area, both dwarven and human. It was during these raids that Grundl got his first views of life as something other than a cutthroat. His conscience began to nag at him more and more, until eventually he snuck off from the Band’s stronghold to find a different way of life.

After leaving the Band’s stronghold, Grundl eventually settled in with a group of monks and began to learn their ways. Their philosophical teachings helped Grundl to come to terms with his inner self and choose a better path for his life. Grundl decided that he would live at the monastery and become a member of the order.

Unfortunately, this was not meant to be. Several months after Grundl joined the monastery, the Band of the Bloody Axe caught up with him. The punishment for leaving the Band was death, and a group of raiders led by his own father were here to administer it. They attacked the monastery, destroyed the buildings, and left everyone for dead, including Grundl.

As he lay near death, Grundl had a vision. He was traveling the land as a Monk of the Order. He was protecting the weak and fighting the wicked. As he lost consciousness he thought he heard a voice…

…and he awoke in a caravan. The caravan was traveling far across Greyhawk on a pilgrimage. The clerics had seen the smoke of the destroyed monastery and found Grundl the only one clinging to life.

Grundl continued to travel with the caravan until he was completely healed. By this time they had traveled far across the land, and were nearing the town of Fairhaven. At Fairhaven, Grundl thanked them and bid them farewell. This, he decided, would be his new home.

He has lived in Fairhaven for about 3 years, and has settled in well. He is known throughout the community as one who has always been willing to help someone in need. He generally keeps to himself, except for a small circle of close friends.

People have wondered about his past, but Grundl just tells them he is “training to be a monk” and leaves it at that. When people ask about the reddish-hued Dwarven WarAxe he still carries, he tells them nothing. He carries the axe as a constant reminder of the things he has done in his past that he needs to atone for.

Grundl, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Grundl Stonefist [Dwarven Fighter/Monk]
(Played by Dave)

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