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One fall evening as Pelor turned his gaze away from the village of South Nellix, Strum’s family home, a band of gnolls from the edge of the Celadon forest descended on the village. The gnolls sacked the main structure, a temple to Pelor, and burnt all of the buildings in the village. The militia attempted to make a stand but their lack of training and poor tactics caused them to be slaughtered. The death of the militia left the women and children as easy prey. Young Strum hid with several other children in a dry wash just outside the town and watched in horror as the gnolls hunted for survivors amongst the burning structures. He was ashamed at his fear and inability to protect his family and friends but at 9 years he was too weak. Standing at the feet of his murdered family in their burnt house, he vowed to avenge their deaths and protect the weak whenever he could.

Strum traveled to the city of Nellix for he had no where else to go. He sought out the temple of Pelor hoping to find peace in a familiar setting, but instead found only bitterness at the lack of protection Pelor gave his people. “When darkness comes Pelor has no power in the land of men.” While sitting in front of the temple one day, a man dressed in polished silver armor approached. The symbol on his garb was that of Mayaheine, the Sword of Pelor. He stopped to ask Strum why he had such open distaste of the Great Sun God, Pelor. Strum shot back with his story and doubt in Pelor’s power to protect him during the dark hours. The man laughed but not in jest, in agreement.

The man was Elatan, Paladin of Mayaheine, servant of the Pelor. He explained that Mayaheine was the greatest of all Paladins and served Pelor taking his light to places the sun could not reach. When Mayaheine ascended to serve Pelor directly, she told her Paladins to continue to spread the sun’s light, by force. Strum was captured by the thought and dedicated his life to the service of Mayaheine and the protection of Pelor.

The next years were spent in training at the temple under the watchful eye and firm hand of Elatan. Strum learned artful tactics and how to look into the true face of evil without fear. At the start of his 18th year of birth, Elatan bid farewell to Strum and sent him into the wild to spread the light of Pelor from the tip of his sword.

Strum traveled throughout the Duchy of Urnst learning his strengths and limitations. He has currently found rest in the town of Fairhaven.

Although he is a Paladin, Strum loves wine, song, women and the company of others who love the same. His stern manner can turn some away but those who he befriends know he is good hearted and always trustworthy. He is watchful for the presence of evil at all times, always ready to pull back the curtain and allow Pelor’s light to shine upon it, and Mayaheine’s sword. He feels pity for the weak and will always protect the helpless. He has no pity for evil in any form. His determination drives him but his training allows him to use caution. As he always says, “fools rush in– first we must develop a plan.”

Strum attempts to keep his armor clean and polished but not to a fault. He is clean shaven and keeps his hair short. When not wearing his armor his attire is simple white cleric vestments with a gold trim, a gift from Elatan. His sword is always kept sharp and at the ready for it is the arm of Mayaheine.

At times of rest he enjoys a smoke from his pipe and a stiff drink. He will also practice with his sling in an attempt to improve his technique. This is more of a toy than a weapon.

Some day when there is no quest and his path takes him back to the ruins of South Nellix, he will hunt for the gnolls that haunt his past. They will pay with their blood on the blackened altar of the Sun God.

Strum, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Strum Ninfield [Paladin of Mayaheine]
(played by Nate)

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