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October 15, 2006

Whose Plan is This?

Soveliss's Journal

I don’t know how to explain the past few hours. Everything that has happened seems to be more planned then random events. You see, as the three of us were on our way to a portal that would lead us to the surface, we saw Flin. Flin is the insane Halfling we meet in the astral plane. He was unconscious being carried by what looked like four humans in robes. The humans dragged him down an alleyway and we all followed without once questioning why.

Seren saw them take Flin into a door at the other end, so I quickly checked it for traps. Finding none, I opened the door into a small hallway.

I’m going to skip ahead a little. Suffice it to say that after a time of searching we found ourselves walking down a flight of stairs. I should have been more careful because I set off the trap. The stairs turned into a slide and a pit opened up at the bottom. We all fell in. Much to my surprise, we didn’t attract any attention. Using a rope and a grappling hook we were able to climb out of the pit into a small room with only one door. Opening the door revealed a rather ominous sight. Flin was on an altar to Cyric and the four humans were really zombies. That told me two things; first the zombies were probably only getting things ready for the ceremony. Second, we had a short time to get Flin and get out of here before the ones performing this ceremony could get here.

I tried to enter the room, but something kept me back so I thought, let the zombies come out here, and we’ll knock them into the pit. That didn’t work. After Seren did turn them, and Roywyn burned one to a second death, I was finally able to force my way into this altar room. I quickly pick up Flin. I noticed he had his belongings with him. It seemed odd at the time, but I wasn’t able to evaluate it at the moment. We quickly left the altar room, fearing it wouldn’t be much longer till others arrived. Roywyn and Seren kept the door closed while I both searched for the means to reset the trap and actually reset it. We then all ran as fast as we possibly could up the stairs, out the door, and through the portal we were first told about not half an hour ago.

The first thing I saw was light shining down on us from above. Sunlight. Seren checked Flin and decided that he would be fine after some rest. We got a couple of rooms at a place called the Dripping Dagger Inn. After a nice relaxing bath I met the ladies in the room and soon after Flin woke up. I had meals sent up to us, and we talked for a bit. Flin thought he was our prisoner, I think he only believed after he left and wasn’t followed. Now both Seren and Roywyn are in one room and I’m trying to make sense of this. Why was Flin at that exact place at that exact moment? Why were all his belongings with him? It might just be me, but that rescue seems to have been a little too easy. I’m not complaining, we may have just gotten lucky, but something about it all just seems too planned. It comes down to one of three possibilities:

It is all just coincidence. If that’s it I have nothing to worry about.

It’s part of Bahamut’s plan. If that’s it I still have nothing to worry about.

Someone it attempting to manipulate us. Now that is something to worry about and opens a new line of questions.

Posted by Fred at 08:27 | Soveliss’s Journal