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October 14, 2006

Sometimes they come back

Flin's Journal

I have awoken again, and this time it seems too real. Somehow I have found myself in the city of Waterdeep, and my life is in danger. Let me explain. I have found myself in the company of those I thought a dream, and they have claimed to save my life, this time.

I became awake in a small room in a inn that seems to be wonderful, except for the remnents of my dreams now surrounded me. They have mentioned how they saved me from some sacrifice, to this I can only take their word. They have told me of plans to go in twenty directions for forty reasons, and no two of them agree.

I have taken a chance to separate myself from them, and now I seek to learn who they are before I can trust them, if I can trust them. I have found the stone, and I have found the place of the one I am to see. This above all has convinced me I am not dreaming and it has all been real. Now I must pull myself together, find my revenge, and find a way to return to my people. Above all else, I have learned that I am not strong enough to defeat this Red Wizard, or his kind. I must learn more and maybe make allies.

But when this next night falls, I must begin paying a debt. Tonight I have to see a thief, and tonight I must find what calling the voice has placed upon my soul. Then and only then can I begin my quest.

Posted by Jim at 20:42 | Flin’s Journal