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July 6, 2006

Silly People

Kor'tac's Journal

I have found some people who need my help, and they are going north. They are funny looking, but have not been mean to me, so I will stay with them a while. I think we are going north, hmmm. Anyway, they are paying me, I can’t believe it. They are paying me to go the direction I wanted to go. True I have to fight now and then, but I would have had to anyway.

They have a healer, that is a good thing. There is a guy in pajamas, thinks he is sneaky. He is ok though, specially when he talks funny. Umm that is about it.... no wait there is more. There is a bird thing, pajama boy likes her, and I think it is a her. That rounds out the group. Oh, and a fighter without armour or weapons. Yea, that is all I will say about him.

And the guy who pays me, he hides at night, but he pays me ok. Did I say he pays me to go the way I wanted to go? We traveled a couple of days, no real problem, except for that shapeshifter. Those I have fought before, and to say we are alive is a tribute to how nice this groups fights.

The fighter, the one without armour, yea, he don’t look so good. May have to put him out of his misery soon. Cleric can’t help him. I would be doing him a favor. I need an ale and some good food.

Posted by Jim at 12:38 | Kor’tac’s Journal