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July 10, 2006

A New Role

Sanura's Journal

Murtul 16, 1374, Longsaddle

Shoshiro and I went into the market long enough to sell our unneeded gear— I managed to talk a trader into giving us an extra 200 gold for that useless wand. I was feeling pretty good about that, so when we returned to our inn, I decided to give Quentin another chance. I went straight to his room and told him to order dinner for two. I figured that I could “guard” him just as well from in the room as in the hall, so I decided to stay the night as well.

It is lucky for him that I did! I woke up to a scream beside me some time later, and in the dim light I saw that a shadowy form had plunged a dagger into Quentin’s chest! I threw myself between the assassin and my companion, getting a knife in the back for my trouble. Fortunately, I was able to provide healing to Quentin before he could succumb to his wounds. Better still, Kor’tac was outside the door and heard my scream for help, and with the rest of our comrades, was able to knock the door down and take down the would-be killer. Unfortunately, the assassin was killed before we could learn more about him.

The whole thing was over in mere moments. As things returned to relative normality, I realized that I was sitting naked in a pool of three peoples’ blood with a knife stuck in my back, trying to heal myself before I passed out. I heard Eleioni mention that he still wasn’t feeling good and I might want to save some healing for him— I just glared at him as he left to he return to his room. The constabulary came and took the body; I asked them to go to a local temple and have someone speak to the corpse before it was disposed of. We also asked the innkeeper for a new, less bloody room for the remainder of our stay.

We learned in the morning that the assassin had been an Illuskan simply known as “Norton” who had belonged to a group called the Kraken Society, who in turn had been hired by the Hand of Moander. Hmm....

I spent the next few mornings of our travel north using spells to restore both Quentin and Eleioni, though Eleioni’s health continues to fluctuate. At least he’s not complaining anymore, though he’s far from better. I spend one night on the road out with my comrades, but the next I decided to go in the building that Quentin sets up, and I refused to take “no” as an answer. I must confess that spending time with him has changed me in ways I could not imagine before this trip; I will be sorry when it comes to an end, I think.

Apparently, during the last night on the road, the group had to fight off a handful of goblins and an ogre. Looks like Kor’tac handled it fine, though I had to heal up a few injuries before we broke camp. We’ve just arrived in the small hamlet of Longsaddle— I will spend the night in Quentin’s room; I am sure I can help more from there than I could from the hallway.

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