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July 5, 2006

Twice Bitten

Sanura's Journal

Murtul 13, 1374, Triboar

Our stay at the Butternut Inn was utterly uneventful. Quentin purchased a wagon and horses before we left Redlarch, and we found ourselves traveling north again. I attempted to charm our patron, and I do believe he was finally warming up to me, when I realized I had lost interest! Well, he had his chance.

A few more days passed with a lack of anything happening as we slowly continued north. On our 2nd night away from Redlarch, our camp was attacked during the night by five ghouls. A few of us were bitten, but Sharess’ divine power destroyed them quickly. It took a while to get Eleioni moving after the assault, and he hasn’t looked quite right since.

Another day and night passed uneventfully, and then on our 4th day out, we encountered a limping farmer on the road. I felt something was amiss and cast to detect evil— both the farmer and Shoshiro’s backpack (where he carried the necromancer’s bracers) radiated a slight amount. Still, I got down from our wagon with Kor’tac and went to heal the farmer. He warned us against bandits and 6-legged badgers (which is what he claimed bit his leg). I didn’t think much of that at the time, but now that I’m reflecting on the incident, it seems odd that a farmer would be limping along a road, and claiming to be walking to Redlarch— he didn’t have any traveling gear of any kind. Hmm... I wonder. Oh well.

The night before we made it to Triboar was probably our worst. We were attacked by a wolf that could not be easily unharmed by our weapons; I had to resort to divine magic and an ensorcelled crossbow, and eventually, the Rod of Wonder, which turned me invisible (thankfully, as I’d been so badly bitten I needed a few precious seconds to heal myself). Though the wolf eventually ran off, it had bitten several of us. Elieoni, who had been complaining of not feeling well since the ghoul attack, was looking the worst, though I could not find anything to actually heal for him.

We have finally made it to Triboar, though it’s too late in the day to do anything; we hope to have some time to replenish our gear and supplies before heading north once again.

Posted by Kristin at 22:45 | Sanura’s Journal