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Leaving is Painful

Astrid’s Journal

17 Lamashan 4709 AR
Cairnlands outside Absalom

After talking for a while, we realized that there was not much holding us to Absalom, and we did not (with the possible exception of Salma) seem to be adapting well to city life. Tythe likes the ocean, and Deaglan and I just like to be anyplace that is not a city. We decided to leave, get away from the backstreet machinations, the assassins, and the degenerate upperclass with which we had managed to entangle ourselves. Maybe we can find a ship. Well, we will have to find a ship, since we are on an island….

On the way out of town, Tythe remembered that she owned a horse, and after debating whether the rest of us should get horses, decided to sell hers. I thought she had sold all that went with the horse, but she and Deaglan seemed to be fussing with some things— I confess I did not pay attention, as I had decided, while we were walking close to the docks, to look for Marlis’ warehouse, and see once and for all if he was truly a dealer in “antiquities.”

Spotting the large, nondescript wooden building that was supposed to be his, I peered in a window and saw a dim light somewhere deep within. I could not see or hear anyone from there, and was planning to investigate further when I heard Deaglan and Tythe giggling as they sped away from the building. While I was looking through the window, they had somehow produced a bag of horse manure, dropped it on the front steps of the warehouse, lit it, knocked on the door, and ran. Mortified, I followed with Salma and Zandu, and we watched from an alley as an older man opened the door and threw a bucket of water on the mess.

Having finished our business in Absalom, we walked to the gates of town. I changed the color of everyone’s hair before we left, on the off chance that we were, or would be, wanted for something by the authorities.

Under the gibbous moon, we traveled through the Cairnlands beyond the city, giving wide berth to broken siege engines and graves. Soon, however, we saw some humanoid forms in the distance, digging in the ground with their hands. Quiet as we were, they noticed us, all turning to stare with their undead eyes as we tried to pass 80’ from them. A brief and unwanted battle ensued— I got to slice a few of them in half, and Deaglan and I were both briefly paralyzed by their touch. We climbed into a ruined building to fight them off, eventually re-killing most of the attackers, though I am quite sure there are more lurking about.

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