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Salma’s Journal

Once more through the portal, and back to the inn! Would we find the dog or the eyewing alive? In the main room of the tavern Tythe surprised me by demanding water instead of rum. This day gets stranger and stranger...

Upstairs, we found the cage knocked over and the poor eyewing dead. The dog was in the corner, unconscious, probably due to the multiple puncture wounds on its body. Astrid cured the dog while Deaglan informed Zandu that Rufus was his dog, now. Zandu was still too beat up to argue much, poor guy!

After a lot of talk, we decided to go back to the beginning: go to the Pathfinders’ Guild and find out what they’d learned of Zandu’s map. I’d nearly forgotten that in the rest of our trouble. Speaking of which, Astrid noticed we were being followed all the way to the Guild.

Astrid, Zandu, and I went into the Guild, but Deaglan, Tythe, and the dog ducked into an alley beforehand to waylay our pursuer. Zandu went to find his map researcher while we waited on the others.

We eventually caught sight of them chasing a street urchin into another alley. Finally, they returned with a note from Grand Master Torch; he wants us to meet. Zandu came back at the same time with the news that his map leads to a spot in the Darkmoon Vale. Interesting!

The Puddles district seemed strangely quiet as we passed through. We were unmolested, even in the sewers. The same half-orc was at the door, and he still liked Astrid’s looks! Torch was still in his bath, too, with some news for us.

There had been more kidnappings of noblefolk, and purple-veiled figures seemed to be involved. Yet, the Lady we had kidnapped was back at her fiance’s palace as if nothing had happened! Does this mean her Lord runs this gang?

The others, meanwhile, decided to go and talk to the Lady. I seriously requested that they drop me off at the girls’ school. I thought a quiet life of teaching sounded wonderful, especially never leaving the front gate again. They must be insane!

Once more, they talked me out of it. I ended up suggesting that, at least, only Deaglan and Astrid go; the rest of us were too much involved in the kidnapping. Instead, we returned to the tavern to listen to the gossip.

At least we got a bath and dinner; there was no news of interest to us in the main room. The others returned safely to say that the Lady accepted our apologies for the incident; thankfully, nothing else had happened, though it’s all as much of a mystery as ever. Now what?

Well, the Lady did mention that Nessian has a shop, and told them where it is. We plan to go ask him directly what has happened, and why? At this point, nothing my companions propose could surprise me, I think.

Since it was well into evening at that point, we agreed to go in the morning. We may move to another inn, as well; we’ve certainly made ourselves noticeable at this one over the past few days...

Posted by Kate on May 10, 2009, 16:18 | Salma’s Journal