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Back at the Place with the Thing

Astrid’s Journal

17 Lamashan 4709 AR

We arrived back at the place where we had encountered the stirges earlier, but left quickly this time, remembering we still had an eyewing-thing and a dog locked in our room at the inn. Or rather, as it turned out, we had a dead eyewing and a wounded dog. After a quick bit of cleaning up (of the room and ourselves) Zandu decided we must go get that map from the Pathfinders Guild. So, we began the trek across town for that. As we walked, we could not help but feel we were being watched, so Deaglan and Tythe took the freshly-healed dog and ducked into an alley to see what followed the rest of us. Something they called a “street urchin” was apparently darting through the crowd keeping a few dozen paces behind us.

Tythe circled back around and caught said urchin, who had been paid to follow us and deliver a message. As the urchin passed over a wax-sealed parchment, he said, “Things are not as they seem.”

Oh, the parchment had this on it:

You’re in danger — the unseen is moving — we need to talk.” G.T.

As Tythe was getting that, Zandu was retrieving information about his map tattoo from the Pathfinder Society. The map is a place in Darkmoon Vale, but Zandu would not elaborate— I guess he does not trust us. Hmmm.

Well, I figured out that “G.T.” must be none other than Grandmaster Torch, so we hustled ourselves back to the Puddles and to his lair in the sewers. Knocking on the door, we were met with the now-familiar irritated visage of a half-orc bodyguard (K’nuk— I finally got his name out of him). I like him.

Torch was (still) in his tub. He seemed to know what we had been up to, and suggested that we should contact Lucinda (who was safely back in her fiancÚ’s home) and apologize for attempting to take her back to her brother, indicating that we believe now that we had been on the wrong side of the clash between their two houses. We agreed, and I suggested that Deaglan and I go, since he was not at the ball and I had not been one of her actual kidnappers.

We went back to the Golden Griffin, tidied up again, and then hired a coach to go to the Toresco manor house to see if we could meet with Lucinda. It turned out to be quite easy. We did as Torch suggested and she seemed quite alright about the whole incident. While I had the chance, I mentioned my “infatuation” with Marlis and how I’d lost his address from our encounter at the ball— she provided me with the location of his business. I do not know if it matters, but I still am curious to know if he is Nessiam.

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