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Not Quite As Dead As We Thought

Astrid’s Journal

17 Lamashan 4709 AR

I’ve been watching Tythe out of the corner of my eye, and trying not to notice that she’s eating part of one of the zombies we just re-killed. I wish she would go back to just drinking. She is, however, getting very handy with a lock pick, which she demonstrated when we came to a locked door further down the hallway beyond the skeletal guards.

We were quite surprised by what was behind the door.

Zandu sat there, chained to a wall, rather beaten and bloody, but most definitely alive. I checked the room for magic, sure that somehow this was an illusion, while Tythe went over to release him. I realized just as she was doing this that the room had an alarm spell cast on it, but she grabbed his arm and twisted her ring, teleporting them back to the room with the circle in it. I warned Salma and Deaglan about what I feared; Salma twisted her ring as Deaglan and I opted to run back to the teleport destination. I heard Salma screaming as we ran.

We arrived to see two robed figures casting spells into the room and about ten (live) thugs beating our friends. Deaglan stayed back, peppering the mages with arrows as I ran towards the fray. We dispatched most of these, though Tythe and Deaglan are chasing the remaining one(s) while Salma and I tend to Zandu, who managed to knock himself out during the battle….

Posted by Kristin on April 9, 2009, 18:52 | Astrid’s Journal