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Astrid’s Journal

18 Lamashan 4709 AR
Shoreline of Kortos

I thought we might have a bit of a rest while the ruin’s courtyard was empty. Setting an alarm, we planned our shifts and Salma and I decided to rest first. That lasted less than a minute until Deaglan and Tythe were yelling and the alarm was going off. We re-killed the rest of the undead, and, exhausted, we returned to our planned shifts. Thankfully, the rest of the night was uneventful.

In the morning we prepared to depart quickly, and, doing a head-count, noticed that Rufus was not moving. Well, not moving normally— his skin and fur were rippling in a rather unhealthy fashion, but he had obviously expired during the night. I wanted to see what was going to burst out of the dog, but my friends opted to put the dog on the same pile as the zombies we were burning, thinking that it might be a flock of those one-eyed bat things.

We walked along the shoreline for several hours, wanting to get as far from the Cairnlands as possible, when we saw a body just at the waterline ahead. The human male we found was quite dead, and was clutching a map case in one hand. We pried that out and opened it, finding a map of Kortos Island. Tythe recognized a mark on the map that indicated pirate treasure near the edge of some mountains near the center of the island— we are going to head towards that, I think.

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