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Roscoe’s Bio

Roscoe’s Journal XPCs

Roscoe, image (c) Kristin Johnson

The day he was born Roscoe’s parents had said he would be going places, and go he did. Every chance he got Roscoe went with his friends and neighbors to see different places. Learning on the fly was how he acquired his skills. Picking up different abilities and developing natural talents was a daily thing for him. He never exhibited any fear; it was like the idea was foreign to him. Life was his playground and nothing was going to stop him. Recently coming of age to permanently leave home, he promised he’d return with wealth and fortune. No one doubted his ability, but they were worried about him anyway. After traveling for a bit he ended up in one of the Border Kingdoms near the Lake of Steam area. With Midsummer’s Eve being tomorrow, Roscoe has decided to hang around for the festival.

Character sheet: Roscoe Hilltopple [Strongheart Halfing Rogue]

Cause of death: He touched the altar anyway.

Character sheet: Ghost of Roscoe

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