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Utterly Disgusting

Jin’s Journal

I bumped into Captain Jak late yesterday evening and thankfully enough I was already in my natural form. Jak, like so many others, is a little unsettled with my ability to be anyone. She had another friend with her, an elf by the name K’ehleyr. She seems an interesting type. Gib and I were on our way to get a drink and somehow Jak just seemed to already know this. It’s a good thing too; Gib was starting to eye up some purses as we stood there and talked so we decided to be off. I can tell she’s attempting to hide something; she’s wearing her clothes a bit differently. I was about to ask her if she got a tattoo or something while she was out. My question was interrupted by a dead man on the bridge. Jak immediately started blowing her whistle. Honestly, sometimes I wish she didn’t follow the law so much. Gib and I started to examine the corpse and K’ehleyr was watching when Gib suddenly pulled a blade and jumped up.

“Damn it, I need a dagger or something.” I muttered having left my rapier at home.

Gib dropped a dagger for me and suddenly we were all attacking this warforged. It’s strange but I thought they would be very difficult to hurt, but it fell rather quickly under our combined steel. As the creature fell, I dropped the dagger Gib had allowed me to borrow, and stepped away from the now dead creature. Nearby residents were yelling and seconds later the night patrols had arrived. We explained ourselves and I believe we are going to have a friend in the town guard, which is always a good thing. After allowing us to be on our way I couldn’t wait to see what Gib had snagged off the now two dead bodies. I know Jak hadn’t caught him doing it or she would have told the guards. And I’m pretty sure K’ehleyr would have done the same, she’s a decent enough elf. On the way we were stopped by a cloaked figure who told us to be at the Cracked Anvil at dawn, to hear the truth about this guy’s death. So after a few drinks and some examining of the dead human’s possessions, we talked about where everyone will sleep. K’ehleyr went with Jak, being new to town that seemed like a good idea. Gib surprised me by taking me up on the offer to crash in an empty room at my place. Well technically it’s my brother’s now, but it’s home to me. He normally refuses and I never understand why. We made a quick stop for some more ale on the way home. I noticed again Gib’s eyes on someone’s purse, so I half carried him to my house and put him to bed.

It always surprises me how early he gets up. I was struggling to get around early enough to be at the Cracked Anvil on time and Gib was up and ready well before I got out of bed. I was thankful the Inn was in a lower side of town; I carried my rapier with me and we met the ladies there. Lady Elaydren d’Vown met us with breakfast and a job. She said the man who was killed had discovered the location of an object that we need to recover. So we went shopping for a few supplies and I got a weapons permit to carry my rapier anywhere in the city. We then went down into the depths of the city to find this entrance that’s located on the map. We got a little turned around and Gib went to ask another goblin merchant for directions, but was rudely ignored, so I got his attention and used a little intimidation to get the right answer. Apparently the ladies thought I was doing something wrong and refused to go any further at that time. As usual Gib had vanished, probably doing his thing. The ladies seam to think I made us a target for some lowlife. I told them that the wealth of our clothes while walking through this filth had already made us a target and that we really stood out among these unfortunate souls. K’ehleyr then had the notion to soil my garments. Utterly disgusting. At Jak’s request I turned to look like a shifter and after Gib had reappeared we all went down into the sewers below this already filthy area.

Suddenly Gib tossed his dagger at something and seemingly out of nowhere a warforged jumped down to attack us. Then we were in a rather small stairwell, but the ladies decided to push past me and attack the thing. It fell with surprising ease, but only a few feet later two shifters came at us. During the fight some water valves opened and knocked our attackers to the ground. I was able to dispatch the one, and the other was dead before I turned around. We walked up a little ways and found the entrance we were looking for. It was glowing red. As Gib was examining it a trap went off. I mentioned that it was beyond my abilities to disable, so Gib tried and I was hit hard with some kind of spell. I’m barely conscious, so if we are going to go get healed, someone will have to help me out of this filthy sewer and to a temple.

Posted by Fred on August 26, 2005, 09:50 | Jin’s Journal