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Another boring day

Gib’s Journal

It was late and I had met with up Jin to empty a few tankards at our local tavern. We were trading a few bad lies back and forth and enjoying the evening. Jin, a shapechanger, is one of my favorite story tellers. He actually changes his face and appearance to each person in his story. It makes the most boring story fun to hear.

After a few hours we were going to another bar when we where joined by Jak and a friend of hers named K’ehleyr. Jak or Captain Jak as she prefers, is some sort of pilot or what not for them flying ships. You won’t catch me on one of those though, I don’t care what people say about how safe they are. If goblins were meant to fly, they would have been born with wings.

K’ehleyr seems a decent sort. She appears to be a fighter, yet she keeps telling me about what things are proper for what. Ahh, humans always make me laugh.

Other than that it was a normal day. Well, one of those days when you don’t have time to finish looting a body before the Watch shows up. But other than that, boring. The day ended when Jak and her friend K’ehleyr went back to Jak’s house to sleep. Jin and I went to his house to sleep. Now don’t be crazy, we stopped off for a few more ales on the way.

The next day we all met up and had some breakfast. Jak made me give some crazy old lady the book that I found. It was mine. The dead guy wasn’t going to use it anymore. She gets so picky when some ‘upperclass’ people die.

We went for a bit of a stroll and got a chance for a little exercise. Have to go see crazy lady again though. K’ehleyr seems alright, I think she will be ok. Jin, he is unconscious again. And dirty, he is going to whine about that.

Posted by Jim on August 23, 2005, 21:09 | Gib’s Journal