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I need some ale!!!

Gib’s Journal

We carried our soiled shape changer to the market area to get a couple of flasks of what I call ‘feel good’. When we discovered that we had to pay his share for his pouch strings had been cut. I was nice enough not to laugh in his face, much.

Then we went for another stroll, to the hole. There we descended to a big room. Now here is where it got good. I don’t know if you remember having any red and green grubs as a child, but wow, I found hundreds of them. Jak and the others won’t eat them, snobs.

Found some bugs that wanted to eat me, never good. Rats are big down here too.

Oh, we found the object thing for the crazy old lady. I wonder what good this thing is for. It seems to have been used to make those Warforged monsters. I hate those things. Found some gold, always good.

Someone is shooting at us, claiming to be a follower of the Lord of Blades, the Warforged b*%#@$d.

Posted by Jim on August 30, 2005, 17:39 | Gib’s Journal