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Between Jobs

Munthrek’s Journal

Now this is a bit more like it. Here we sit 1500 gold richer and a job well done. The two suits of armor were more annoying then they were worth until the swords on display came off the walls to attack us. Once they were all put down we descended through a trap door in the floor and down a spiraling stairwell. That’s were we saw the strangest thing, a half-built granite golem apparently trying to dance around the room, and an unconscious human on the far side. I’m a bit lost with how things went next, fighting both a golem and a chain that was trying to entangle me. I notice Fortuna run past me at one point yelling something about quicksilver, and a few minutes later she was back carrying some. The next thing I know the walls are cracking and there is a loud noise. Then the golem and chain fall to the ground and everything is quiet. Sunlight is above us and the fight is over. I was informed that the quicksilver turned off some type of interdimensional web. Alchemy and magic are both out of my league. Maybe one day I’ll understand them better. Anyway, we found who we were looking for, and now we’re enjoying ourselves until the next job comes along.

Posted by Fred on October 10, 2007, 11:00 | Munthrek’s Journal