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The Glory of Mercenary Work

Munthrek’s Journal

The day started like most when you’re in between jobs. I’ll never understand why so many people glorify mercenary work. I tell you it can get pretty rough when you’re low on coin. I just finished eating and was enjoying a drink while hoping a decent job would walk in. Fortuna stopped in and I had her help me learn her native tongue, gnome, while I passed time. The next thing I knew Elizair sat down at our table. He’s a decent fellow, with just a hint of draconic ancestry to him, a lot like me in some ways. Then Janet shows up, talking about repenting again, when this robed figure shows up and puts a note on the board. I jumped on it and offered him a drink in exchange for some details about this job.

In short we need to go to some alchemist’s house and see why no one has heard from him in a long time. So off we go, for 800 gold it sounds like an easy job. I figured he just blew himself up, but when we got there Fortuna said the lock to his front door was picked. That’s never a good thing. Elizair went to check the stable, but only found it empty, so we opened the door only to find a grey mist that stayed in place. So I walked in, and found myself in a room much larger then it should have been.

We looked around and had to kill what I believe were the alchemist’s pets, found what was left of the would-be thief and a couple of interesting rooms. To be honest the only thing I can say that’s of interest is the kobold we came across. He offered to help us find this alchemist and in return we’ll give him safe travel to our small village.

Posted by Fred on September 28, 2007, 22:58 | Munthrek’s Journal