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Antonio’s Bio

Antonio’s Journal XPCs

Antonio, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Born in Silverymoon, Antonio is the youngest of three. The oldest, Markus left several years ago to join a band of adventurers. The family receives letters from him every now and then letting them know how he’s doing. The second born, Lylian was an amazing minstrel. She just vanished one day after arguing with her parents, and hasnít been heard from since.

Antonio was very adept at learning and loved going to school, he was known to be a spell caster from a young age, and was encouraged to learn how to control his talents. As the years passed, his father, who worked for the town guard, was eventually promoted, and now has a small squad under his command. Antonio is a fairly easygoing young man, with a lot of ideas and plans. He too wants to explore the world, see everything, and help rid the world of evil. It was a small shock to his family when the found him paying homage to Bahamut, but considering his natural talents and the fact that Bahamut is a good deity, they decided not to make a big deal about it.

Now with schooling being done and his life ahead of him Antonio is anxious to get out on his own.

Character sheet: Antonio Ysthine [Human Sorceror]

Cause of death: finding out just how angry fire makes trolls.

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