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August 22, 2004

Monster Roster

Adventures, DMís Notes & Maps

Pommeville, in the Border Kingdoms
52 zombies

Ruins outside of Pommeville
20 skeletons
8 zombies
Colony of tiny monstrous centipedes
1 lich, Nedrezzar

Ruins in Qurth Forest
14 small monstrous spiders
1 large fiendish monstrous spider

Qurth Forest
1 forest gnome druid, Colmarr
1 bear companion, Bear
5 wolves

Forest around Crystal Palace
6 ‘cursed’ bunnies
1 ‘cursed’ elf, Elzen
2 ‘cursed’ pixies

Crystal Palace
1 fey’ri
1 ‘cursed’ elf, Haran
2 ‘cursed’ elves
Roscoe (temporary death)

Ruins/graveyard outside of Pommeville
4 gnolls
1 hyena
10 zombies
2 acolytes of Tiamat
6 skeletons
1 lich, Nedrezzar, again....

Road between Thornhold and Pommeville
1 ankheg

Farm near Thornhold
4 humans: Com2
2 dretches
1 half-fiend (got away)


North of Thornhold
6 kobolds

Barak’s Tomb
16 fiendish dire rats
2 dretches
1 half-fiend

Farm near Thornhold
1 magmin

Road between Thornhold and Pommeville
15 gnolls
4 dire rats
1 ogre zombie
12 skeletons
4 gnoll skeletons
14 zombies

Ruins outside of Pommeville
10 zombies
2 skeletons
4 shadows

Unnamed Island
1 Troll
1 Gauth
2 Nishruu
Ghost of Roscoe (twice)
4 zombies
1 lich, Nedrezzar, again....

        Creature Types:

        • aberration
        • animal and beast
        • construct
        • dragon
        • elemental
        • fey
        • giant
        • humanoid
        • magical beast
        • monstrous humanoid
        • ooze
        • outsider
        • plant
        • undead
        • vermin


Adventures, DMís Notes & Maps

Ruins outside of Pommeville
2 Moonstones
Diagram of Altar Trap, Roscoe
Journal of Nedrezzar, Sprocket
6 Emeralds (100gp each)
2 Star Opals (240gp each)

Gold Ring of Protection +1, Roscoe
Divine Scroll (Cure Serious Wounds, Neutralize Poison, Remove Paralysis, Dispel Magic)
Golden Pectoral with Symbol of Tiamat (350 gp)
Gem-Studded +2 Bracers of Armor, Sprocket
Jeweled Mitre (475 gp)
+1 Gilded Mace, Nosila
3 Rough Cut Diamonds (100 gp each)
Silver Ring of Minor Elemental Resistance vs. Cold, Nosila
Silver Necklace with Emerald Pendant (1020 gp)
4 Everburning Braziers (90 gp each), Bryrgar
3 Small Rubies (260 gp each)
Silver Amulet of Death Ward, Roscoe
35 Platinum Pieces
394 Gold Pieces
1363 Silver Pieces
60 Copper Pieces
2 Gold Statues of Tiamat (60 gp each)
Copper Bracelet with Gemstones (130 gp)
Gold Holy Symbol of Tiamat (15 gp)

Ruins in Qurth Forest
15 Gold Pieces
11 Silver Pieces
15 Copper Pieces
1 Sardonyx (50 gp)

Bishop Trueheart’s Silver Rod (strong abjuration magic), Roscoe
Potion of Blur, Maiyr

Crystal Palace
Magic book All Curses Malevolent, Sprocket
Rapier, masterwork
Dagger of Defiance +2, Roscoe
Gold Ring of Protection +2, Nosila
Ring of Greater Invisibility, Roscoe
Wand of Animate Object
Thieves’ Tools, masterwork, Roscoe

Barak’s Tomb (on Half-fiend)
900 gold pieces
1 goldline (6 gp)
1 black agni mani (9 gp)
1 malachite (10 gp)
1 orphealine (10 gp)

Gold Ring of Wizardry I/Protection +1, Sprocket
Wind Fan, Widget

Unnamed Island Island
Map to Tome of Azuth
615 Gold Pieces
1607 Silver Pieces
8 Copper Pieces
Book of Infinite Spells
2 Vials of Oil of Stone to Flesh
2 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
Breastplate, masterwork, magical
Chainmail, masterwork, magical
Studded Leather, masterwork, magical
Scimitar, masterwork, magical
Longsword, masterwork, magical
Spear, masterwork, magical
Short Spear, masterwork, magical
Heavy Pick, masterwork, magical
Ring, magical

*stuff in this color has already been used or divided up for funds
**stuff in italics hasn’t quite been identified....

House Rules

~PC Creation & House Rules~

This campaign will be strictly Forgotten Realms (no spells, feats, deities, Prestige classes, etc. from other “worlds”), and with only races found in that setting. No psionics, please. All characters will be based on “3.5” rules.

Characters can be made with 32 points using the Point Buy method. All characters begin with full hit points and average (50%) starting money at 1st level. You may also choose one Regional Feat and Equipment from the Player’s Guide to Faerun. Everyone starts at 1st level, and unless cleared with the DM, begins in the Border Kingdoms near the Lake of Steam. Your character may be originally from another region, as long as this is mentioned in your bio. Multiclass and favored class rules are in effect. New in this campaign, we will be using Action Points (no more Fate Points) and Spontaneous Metamagic from Unearthed Arcana.

Any Evil or Chaotic Neutral characters are not allowed (any characters that behave with these alignments will become NPCs). This is intended to be a “heroic” campaign and the past has shown that these alignments are not conducive to teamwork or heroic adventure.

There will be no more than 5 or 6 PCs at any time. We’ve tried playing with more in the past and it decreases the enjoyment for the DM and players.

Character sheets will be in PCGen format (give your changes to Kristin so she can add them to the DM’s roster).

In addition to experience points for game play and attendance, Hugh is also basing experience awards on timely-written journal entries, bios and other things character-related that help evolve the game world and make it easier for him to spend what time he has working on the campaign. A good background will lend itself to plot hooks for the characters.

Players unable to attend a session must make arrangements with Hugh to run your character for that session. A missed session will usually yield 75% experience.

No character or inventory item, etc. is in play unless it has been approved by the DM. This includes characters who have gone up a level since the last time Hugh has okayed a character sheet. Things discussed between characters that effect game play do not happen if the DM is not made aware of them, and in this particular campaign, please stick to what happened at the table for journal entries.

Main books/sources used for character creation

PHB 3.5
DMG 3.5
Complete Warrior (3.5)
Minitures Handbook (3.5; check with Hugh first!)
Draconomicon (3.5; check with Hugh first!)
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
Magic of FaerŻn
Faiths & Pantheons
Races of FaerŻn
Silver Marches
Unapproachable East
Player’s Guide to FaerŻn (3.5; supercedes the FRCS)
Complete Divine
Arms and Equipment Guide (approved on a case-by-case basis)

Some materials from FRCS Official Home Page, approved on a case-by-case basis.

Some Dragon Magazine articles, approved on a case-by-case basis.

Character Death & New Characters

Character deaths happen, and resurrection isn’t always an option. If a character dies heroically, the player may create a new character at the level the old character would have been at had they been resurrected, with the addition of that session’s experience points. Characters coming into the game in this fashion have to make sense for the story line.

The new character’s starting funds are half of what is shown in the DM Guide on table 5-1. All magic items must be approved by the DM.

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