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December 8, 2003

Another Me?

Aramil's Journal

After some discussion we opened the trap door Pockets fell into and one by one we all jumped down. We found ourselves in a small room up to our waists in water. Dru was nice enough to give some light and I decided to munch on some snacks while Pockets did his thing. Eventually a way was found to leave and we walked northwest down this passageway. We came to another large room. I stayed in the hall while Pockets looked around when this cage closed the opening. Pockets and Dru were in the room; the rest of us were in the hall behind this cage door. This beast walked out and we started to fight. That’s when Fafnir conjured up 3 strange looking dire bears. The next thing I was able to see was the dead creature, after the bears left of course. Pockets was able to open the gate and we searched for a bit finding only mirrors and four doors. There was a different elemental behind each door; we defeated all of them. After a little trial and error we discovered we can walk through the mirrors. That’s when Pockets disappeared for a bit. Dru and I eventually found him after going into a mirror. The three of us looked around for a bit then were attacked by another Pockets and I was shot in the back by another me. I’m still a little unclear about what’s happening now, there seems to be Ghelt and Fafnir, but which ones are they? They’re standing by what I believe to be the false Dru. I’m currently invisible and I don’t quite know what to do. This could be bad.

Posted by Fred at 12:21 | Aramil’s Journal