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December 10, 2006

Another room full of ghouls

Soveliss's Journal

I open my eyes to see Seren glowing softly on my left. I try to move only to find I’m chained to a wall, and Pratt, Roywyn’s familiar, is hanging from one of my arms. I can see Flin at the far end of this small room moving, but I can’t tell what exactly he’s attempting. As I attempt to slip my manacles, I see Flin has already gotten free and is working on freeing Roywyn. No sooner has he finished that then we hear someone unlocking the door. Everyone who is free acts like they are still chained, which is a good idea. This robed figure entered the room and picked Seren for something I can only speculate as sinister. Fortunately she was still chained so the robed one was unaware of how close we were to becoming freed ourselves.

After he left with Seren Flin finished freeing us and we quietly left the room we were in. There was another door opposite us and as we entered it we saw four humans also chained to walls. As Flin attempted to free them Roywyn said trouble was coming. Everything then happened very fast. First I was attempting to hold off the ghouls so everyone else can get away, Then Seren came flying overhead and we all ran. Following this hall as far down as it went we came to another room. I started to barricade the door while Flin looked around. Thankfully he found our gear as Seren found a secret exit. Up some stairs we went. I heard Flin say something about bringing his Dragon as I reached the top, and that’s when I noticed several humans sitting around a couple of tables.

The battle was quick and we followed on up some stairs to another room. This one had four alcoves in it that apparently were portals to other places. Everyone jumped into one and I followed and founded myself in an ally. Turns out we were still in Waterdeep. As quickly as possible we found some local guards and explained the situation and that there were still people down there we couldn’t get out. Four of them volunteered to go back with us and attempt to save who we can. Back down we went carefully and slowly, through the portal and down the stairs into the lowest room. We unbarricaded the door and ventured forward. It was very quiet except for the constant squeaking of Pratt. We first went to the room we found the humans in. They were gone, but a small surprise was left behind, Ghouls. I don’t know how many there were, but it was over soon enough. Then from farther down this blood-filled thing came at us. It was awful, every time we hurt it; it sprayed us with more and more blood. Thankfully Roywyn was able to clean us up afterwards.

We explored more and founded only what they left behind, surgical tools, empty beds and foot lockers, an empty kitchen, and another room full of ghouls….

Posted by Fred at 07:20 | Soveliss’s Journal