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November 12, 2006

Roywyn’s a Genius

Soveliss's Journal

Well, we did discover what happened to the missing people a little sooner than I thought we would. Not long after we all were hidden around the intersection, a drunk human stumbled by. Just as he reached the center three shadowy forms emerged from the darkness. They were either Halflings or gnomes, and they were going to rob the guy. I figured we weren’t going to get much tonight so I shot one hoping to scare them off. I know I wasn’t the only one with that idea; another bolt came from the other side of this intersection and hit a different thief. That is when the thieves turned into wererats. The first thing through my mind was that these creatures were trying to increase their numbers. We all fought them until they sniffed the air and ran off. I looked around for the drunken human and watched green hands drag him into an ally.

I ran after him and noticed my new companions doing the same. That’s when I saw the creatures up close. The stench coming off their rotting flesh was enough to make me sick, and one turned to fight us, while the other took the human and ran. Rather intelligent for something that’s supposed to be the walking dead. I fought with it as Flin and Seren went after the one carrying the now passed-out human. While Roywyn stayed to help me deal with this eyesore. The fight lasted longer then I had hoped, and when it finally stopped moving Flin and Seren were nowhere to be found. Roywyn and I followed the ally and came to an open sewer grate. Up ahead was the sound of people enjoying themselves, which lead me to believe the undead creature hadn’t gone that way.

We climbed down into the sewers and I had to crawl to get to where a side passage appeared to be open. It had Seren’s old holy symbol sitting there, so we followed that passage. Finally we came to an area I could stand up in, but left or right, I didn’t know. I flipped a coin and right we went. After a short while a bird that looked very much like the one Seren had bought flew past us. Running, both Roywyn and I soon bumped into Seren. She quickly explained the bird was with Flin and told to return to her if there was any trouble. So we all ran back the way we had come and past. It was clear someone was there, because we had to jump over two spots of caltrops.

Seren looked around and found some fresh blood. Following the trail we came to a small opening a few feet off the floor. I had Seren and Roywyn go first and I crawled again down this passage following their lead. Finally we entered a circular room in which one of these creatures was eating Flin. We all fought and eventually took it down. Flin was healed and after a bit the paralysis wore off. That was when screams were heard down one of the other passages. Again I crawled and eventually came to a large room with four humans chained to posts. One was already dead and as I tried to free the others he changed and became one of the creatures that we were fighting. I freed the rest who all took off, and eventually one of my companions killed this one. We hurried back the way we came, and had a small encounter at the circular room we found Flin in.

Almost out I noticed Flin wasn’t following us. Seren and Roywyn went back after him while I led the one human out of the sewers. Shortly after all three of them came out of the sewers and we all went to the town guard. After explaining everything to them, we stayed at the local church for a few days to make sure we weren’t infected. Shortly after being released, we again talked to the guard who hired us to go back down and deal with the problem. Not exactly what I want to do, but if that will make us work better as I team, then I’m all for it, besides, I could use a few more coins to improve my armor and weapons.

We spent the day getting supplies and that night at a club. It was okay, but I thought we could have made better use of our time. In the morning we made a quick stop to get a map of the sewers, Roywyn’s a genius. We followed our footsteps back to the large room the humans were held captive in. We found a small infestation of some very strange rats, but decided to just leave them alone. That was when these two brains-like creatures came out of nowhere. We all attacked at first, but shortly I noticed Seren and Flin were gone. One of these abominations fell and that’s when Roywyn also fled, all three left their weapons. I killed the last and gathered up my companions’ belongings and waited for them to return. Shortly after they did; now we decide which way to go from here.

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