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August 7, 2006

Aren't elves good?

Rowind's Journal

So we finally made our way back to town today and I decided to teach our little group a lesson that I am guessing was not received very well. I turned the chaos gnome into a werewolf to try and drive home the idea that maybe hunting werewolves wasn’t the most effective use of our time. We made it back to town and were able to find the Halfling and convince him to give us the treasure map for basically a quarter of his original asking price. Rather than taking a day to get ready we started off right away. The first part of our trip was uneventful until we ran into a party of elves. Now it’s been my experience that elves usually make good allies, but for some reason the gloaming just started attacking the elves without provocation. They must have had several magic users. They cast a tangle spell on us and we were entangled. I turned invisible and began to work my way out. The orc couldn’t seem to get out and roy was hidden safely behind him. To limit the number of elves that could attack them I cast silent image to create a wall on one side. I lost track of the other gnome and watched the gloaming rain arrows down on the elves. I could see she was hurt so a whispered to her to come down and I would heal her. She did and I healed her, by then the battle was over. I learned later that unfortunately the chaos gnome was dead. What can I say, but he is dead.

Posted by Bryon at 17:02 | Rowind’s Journal