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August 1, 2006

Who is the larger fool, the fool who does something stupid or the person who follows him

Rowind's Journal

Well, lets we were performing in some city up in the north. It was an okay gig and in comes a mountain orc. Apparently up in the north they let them into pubs. And I continued as best I could with that distraction and in comes a Halfling, who was attacked by what everyone thinks is a were-wolf. Now it’s been my experience that those of us who are small often mistake wolves for were-wolves. Anyway it seems every freak and weirdo in that bar decides to go hunt for the “were-wolf”. And of course we got stuck going along with them. Of course I was more interested in the treasure map that the Halfling said he had but what choice do I have. She leads I follow. So we left with the orc, what I am guessing is a Tiefling, and I guess a semi-retarded chaos gnome. We set off into the woods and surprise surprise we were attacked by REGULAR wolves. So now that we got our “were-wolf”, we were going to head back right, WRONG. We continued into the woods and were then attack by some wild horde of goblins. The orc seemed to dispatch them with absolutely no problem. However the rest of us had a lot more trouble. I saved each of the lives of each of the gnomes at least once. The way I figure it the semi-retarded chaos is a sorcerer so I could use him to help keep us alive latter and should be easy enough to control. So finally we are heading back to the inn and maybe that Halfling will still be there so I can get him to give me that map.

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