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June 15, 2006

Out of Undermountain

Eleioni's Journal

I stretch as I get out of bed this morning. It feels good to have that cursed armor off, and a job to boot. Getting out of Undermountain really turned things around. The thought makes me shudder. As if cursed armor wasn’t enough I was turned purple and had leaves growing off me. Thanks to the clerics at this temple to Sharess I’m back to normal, and our mage Flic is no longer stone. It didn’t cost us a copper either. Quentin Morden, a very nice merchant, offered to pay it for us if we’d guard him to some tribe up north, protect him while he’s there and bring him back. Hells, works for me. Flic seemed to have a problem with it, once he was flesh again. I just don’t understand him, we drag his stone body out of Undermountain, manage to get him flesh again and he’s upset because we got a job. Shoshiro is coming along; why, I’m not sure. He didn’t receive anything for the merchant, and has complained about it adamantly, but he’s still joining us, Lathander knows why. The extra hand will be appreciated. Kanelyth and Sanura both think this is a good thing, as do I. Well, time to get up and start our journey. I just want to put Undermountain behind me for now.

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