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Dead End

Griselda’s Journal

4 Kuthona 4709
Snowy mountains… somewhere

First, I want to point out (to myself, if no one else) that there definitely was a gnome with us for the past few hours, but no one else in the party seems to be aware that she is no longer here, or they are just that indifferent to the existence of other people. Or maybe that’s normal for gnomes and they are used to it; I’ve never traveled with one before.

We studied the area we were in— there were several weapons racks, and Salma was able to determine that some of the items were enchanted. We found a box of crossbow bolts (and an iffy-looking crossbow that might not fall apart when used) and a throwing axe. No idea what these items do beyond their normal purposes.

Salma sat down beside the dwarf and drained paladin and announced that she was going to sleep right there in the middle of this undead-infested hallway. Tythe, smartly, offered to take the first watch, since she needs the least rest. I questioned the plan, but gave in and propped myself up against Kasa and closed my eyes for a few minutes.

Suddenly, Tythe was shaking us awake as a shadow is floating down the hallway towards us. We each stabbed it, and it drifted off through a wall were we could not follow. The rest of the party was not inclined to move from where they were resting but I told them if it happened again, we were definitely relocating to somewhere more defensible, or at least less trafficked. Sure enough, the shadow came drifting back into view, this time with five others. I yanked open the closest door to us in a hallway full of doors and saw a very small room with a stone bed, foot locker and skeletal dwarf standing inside. I figured even I the skeleton attacked it was still better than sitting in the hallway, so I went in to test it. The skeleton’s head swiveled toward me then remained still. I was awash in what I could only describe as a divine sense of well-being, and realizing it must be somehow consecrated, I gathered everyone inside and we shut the door. The shadows were unable to follow us, and, though cramped, we were able to get a decent amount of rest and Salma was able to restore our lost strength afterwards. In addition, we found a pouch in the footlocker that contained some divine scrolls that would provide similar healing, as well as some pearls.

Eventually we did open the door and thankfully, the shadows were gone. Tythe, Salma and I, who could walk silently, explored the hallway, checking each of the other doors and cells beyond them. Most were empty, but I did find an iron key in a desk drawer with a false bottom. I’ve never had a key before. I wonder if it unlocks something nearby.

Not wanting to split up, we returned to where Kasa, Candal and Rogar were still resting, and examined our skeletal savior— he was wearing a holy symbol of Torag, Candal’s patron deity, and had an enchanted warhammer as well as a pouch (also enchanted) on his belt. It appears that the dwarf’s one side had been crushed by something heavy, but the room itself was protected from whatever had killed him. Salma does not want to remove the useful items from the skeleton, calling it “grave robbing” (what is it exactly that this group does anyway, so far we mostly seem to donate things rather than acquire them). I will let the others decide what to do.

Posted by Kristin on August 17, 2010, 17:40 | Griselda’s Journal