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Purple and Ochre

Griselda’s Journal

3 Kuthona 4709
Snowy mountains… somewhere

We got shot at some more, and Liake found a secret door (right by the entrance to the shooting range). Alarms sounded as we opened it, Kasa trumpeted back for good measure, and we piled in through the doorway. Almost immediately we found another secret door leading to some cells and a barred door, and beyond that, we encountered an ochre jelly. I got two shots off, and I am not certain that we were lucky that I hit twice, as suddenly we had three, albeit smaller, jellies to contend with. The resourceful gnome finished these off with a flaming sphere though, and we continued on.

We came to a purple glow, and walking towards it, found ourselves in a huge amphitheatre filled with fungi of all sorts. Some were edible purple mushrooms, some were shriekers (recognized and avoided at the last moment), while some violet fungi had tentacles and wanted to eat us. We dispatched what we needed to and avoided the rest.

We eventually chose a door out and found ourselves near some old weapon racks, but before we could check those out we noticed that some of the shadows had no obvious source. Fortunately for most of us, they were more interested in what Candal was doing, so we were able to kill two of them while he contended with the third. He looks a bit drained at the moment.

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