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What Could Go Wrong?

Roscoe’s Journal

I remember standing inside the area where the barrier would be, and I remember the sun coming up. The next thing I know I’m in complete darkness. I hear the familiar voices of my companions around me, and someone creates a small light. I light my lantern and see we are in the crypt of what appears to be an elven tomb. From what my companions mutter around me I get the impression that we took care of the barrier problem and “restored” a timeline.

I decide not to dwell on it as we leave the crypt and find ourselves in a small clearing near some old ruins. I climb a tree and off in the distance I see the village. It seems a little cold to me, and we all get the impression several months have past since we entered the demiplane. We rested there for the night and walked towards the town in the morning.

We come upon a road several miles north of the village and as we get close I mention about looking around without being seen before we enter. It’s mentioned to me that we have a ring of invisibility on us and I readily take it. After some trial and error, we get it to work. I go invisible only to reappear moments later. Well, that won’t work, but I can sneak around. Bryrgar had some issue with that, but we convinced him otherwise. I was unseen the whole time. I saw many strange things of which I told everyone everything upon returning to the group.

It was decided we would use the back entrance to the evil temple. I scouted ahead a little, but was ambushed by some strange creatures. It was a good fight, and the ring came in real handy. Afterwards we decided to just hurry up and get to where we were going, and being as it was getting very dark Bryrgar took the lead. We reached the crypt and wad to fight off 2 shadowy things. I wanted to cover our tracks but there was no time for that.

We followed the hall down to the door that leads to the evil altar room, and I went invisible again to check it out. I saw 2 priests worshiping at the altar and I figured it would be easy to dispose of them. I know I could have gotten the others, but we had the element of surprise and I didn’t want to make our presence known just yet. Being as they were at the altar I figured the trap wouldn’t go off. I was wrong. As I got close to the priests, 4 skeletons appeared out of nowhere again. My companions must have heard the battle and came running in to help. It was over rather quickly and we headed down the secret stairs to the lich’s crypt. We fought bravely doing everything we could, but it didn’t take long for the massive number of undead, and the lich’s spells to overpower us. We came to in a cell chained to a wall. Now a geas is on us, and we have to go destroy another evil for this evil. What could go wrong next?

Posted by Fred on January 1, 2005, 20:18 | Roscoe’s Journal