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Now Where?

Roscoe’s Journal

Ok, now where are we? I don’t think we’re in Faerun anymore. We got out of the ruins in relatively one piece only to find out that the druid, what’s his name, intended us to be dinner for what ended up as his pet. Yes, that’s right; the spider beast was this druid’s pet. Upon hearing of its death he attacked us.

Although he escaped, he’ll think twice before messing with us again. We decided it would be best to try and find our way home. Along the way we were attacked by a pack of wolves. That’s when it happened. Every time I nocked an arrow it seemed as if the world stood still for a minute and I could see my target clear as day. Almost all of my arrows flew true, even with companions in the way. As I let lose my arrows the world would speed up and as I drew another it would slow down again almost like it froze for a split second. We felled several of the beasts and the rest ran away.

Being drained, wounded and mentally exhausted, we rested in a grove of trees. I hid under some roots and there we waited till morning of the next day. We head out to finally get back to the small village and heard music off in the distance. I tried to stop him, but Bryrgar seemed almost enchanted by it and, hanging off his belt trying to stop him, I was dragged into a clearing. It was an interesting sight to behold satyrs and some type of human-cricket combo all playing songs and dancing. Luckily enough Bryrgar came to his senses and off we went leaving these creatures to their own ways, but the damage was done.

We crested the top of a hill only to see us between two rivers we did not cross, encircled by a mountain range which we did not climb. And off to the one side rising above this forest was a crystal palace that we’ve never heard of. No one has any clue how we got here but due to a majority vote we are going to the palace, which I believe will be the only way out.

Posted by Fred on November 20, 2004, 21:59 | Roscoe’s Journal