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I Blame the Dwarf

Roscoe’s Journal

Ok, now I’m going to die. I can’t believe this is happening, twice in less than three days I hit the barbarian, Charzth, with an arrow, and it’s all that dwarf’s fault. Bryrgar throws fits if I do my job looking for traps, that is, of course, unless it’s convenient for him. After putting down the lich we went back upstairs to look for the rod to keep it at bay, or its phylactery.

Every time I went to search for traps or anything for that matter I had to listen to the dwarf mutter under his breath. So I would ask if I could do my job, figuring it would calm him down. But noooo, still he had a problem with it. We went to the hall with the pit trap and I found the switch to disarm it, so I asked him to lift the floor back into place. A simple task really, I’d have done it myself if I had the strength. But nooo he decided he had to look for himself as if he had any idea what he’s doing anyway.

Well, finally he got the floor back in place and I flipped the switch and mentioned that it should be tested. So what happens but Nosila goes and practically jumps on it. If this switch had been broken, grrr... what am I going to do with these people? Anyway we walk down this hall for a bit and come to what appeared to have been a treasure room at one time. I searched it thoroughly and found a flagstone that moved, I checked it for traps and then mentioned it to everyone, and suggested that they leave the room just in case I missed something, Of course no one listens to me. So anyway I moved the stone and found some very valuable items. When I showed them to Bryrgar I told him that this is what you get when you’re patient. He just got angry and when we went down another corridor he decided that I didn’t need to look for traps so I waited where I was, listening for the screams.

Instead I heard battle. Now had I gone first I would have been in front of the barbarians, instead I was behind them and that was when I hit Charzth by accident. Apparently Bryrgar’s turns are working now he was able to dust the undead that appeared. The rest of the day however he did let me do my job without complaining; I was rather surprised.

We visited a tomb and were immediately ambushed by undead but again Bryrgar took care of most of it and I was able to find a passage down. We followed it forever and it dead ended in 2 alcoves. I found a secret door in one, and I knew there was one in the other but couldn’t find it. The one opened into a room we were already in. We recognized the centipedes. Bryrgar found the door in the other alcove, and I think he took a lot of pleasure in telling me where it was. I’m positive he thinks they don’t need me, I just hope he comes to his senses before it’s too late.

Posted by Fred on November 6, 2004, 19:31 | Roscoe’s Journal