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No Respect

Roscoe’s Journal

I realized recently that no one here has any respect for me. Now I understand the usual skepticism that comes in my line of work, honestly I do. However that is not what I’m currently dealing with. I get the distinct impression it’s because I’m a Hin that they either don’t trust me or that they think I’m not capable of doing my job. What they don’t realize is that it doesn’t matter if I get caught in a trap or not, as long as they don’t. I could have prevented Bryrgar from dropping in the pit had he allowed me to go first.

Now I know I didn’t exactly see the trap in the altar, but I did find out it was there, and I knew it opened up and went somewhere. I was unable to open it and I was asking Charzth to try something he got really defensive, wouldn’t even allow me to finish talking without making a side threat. No one would listen to me when I said push the knee cap on the statue. No, touch this symbol, touch that symbol. It doesn’t matter that I know what I’m doing. Then when the chest of the statue opens, I’m treated like I was going to attempt to steal it. Now first of all I wouldn’t do that, but even if I would, I wouldn’t have tried it in front of everyone. I’m telling you if they don’t let me do my job they are going to get caught in a very deadly trap; I’m not going down with them.

Well, anyway, after we finally got the altar top open we went down into what appeared to be the bottom of the evil place and found the sarcophagus. Shortly after, the undead arrived and we were in the heat of battle. Now Charzth is no coward, but watching him run from the fight confused me. Then Nosila ran after him. I’d have gone to see what was up, but my bow was given some temporary magical help so I focused on attacking the enemy who was held behind a gate that appeared out of nowhere. Then suddenly there was this loud explosion from behind me, so I turned to look and found Charzth dripping with blood from what appeared to be a thousand small punctures. Then in the very next second all the undead appeared to just fall. Bryrgar, Charzth, and Nosila were able to lift the lid off the sarcophagus, and this lich rose up and the fight was on. It didn’t take to long to put it down, and it was made clear that if we didn’t destroy his phylactery he would come back.

I was wondering where it would be when it hit me. The tall people don’t like us Hin. I don’t know if Sprocket has the same problem or not, I’ll have to ask her sometime. However I have made a decision, I’m going to keep with these tall ones for as long as I can, and I will do my best to prevent them from being injured by traps and stuff, but if they wont allow me to do so then I’m just going to hang back and watch them, and hopefully, they will come around.

Posted by Fred on October 30, 2004, 23:42 | Roscoe’s Journal