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Undead Again

Roscoe’s Journal

Feeling both tired and hungry after the battle I went back to the inn with my newfound friends. We ate a rather large meal and I was able to get a room without a hole in the wall. I’m not sure how long I slept, but the next thing I knew I heard horns blowing in warning. I got up and dressed, gathered all my things, and went out only to find everyone else had the same idea.

“Can’t even get a good night’s rest with all these zombies around,” I said looking at the newly awakened group.

We headed out towards the graveyard and found a wave of undead about half way there. I say wave because no sooner had we cut down these we noticed more coming, thanks to our spellcaster making the sun appear in the middle of the night. I realized it was her by the chanting and hand waving behind me, and then she had it pulsate with a green light. What I didn’t understand was when she lowered it to the ground.

The battle went on for what seemed like hours. The longer we fought the more I knew it wouldn’t be long before we were overrun. Then suddenly Nosila fell. I think she was able to regain consciousness herself but fell so quickly after I can’t be sure. Charzth ran for her then carried her away from the fray. Sprocket and I both decided a retreat was in order and I noticed Charzth running back to the fight without Nosila. Sprocket and I found Nosila a few feet away and dragged her to the shrine. She was stable when we found her, but really in need of healing. I know Charzth went back to attempt to stop the horde of undead, and I was very glad to see he returned with Bryrgar and a new guy RonyŠ I believe his name is, why he’s traveling with a kid is beyond me but I guess it’s really not my business. I think we are going to head for these ruins now because waiting isn’t going to help.

Posted by Fred on September 19, 2004, 15:17 | Roscoe’s Journal