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Charzth’s Bio

Charzth’s Journal XPCs

Nosila and Charzth, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Bad Medicine

Ughhh!!! Somehow I wound up with a woman. While traversing through the local jungle. The bad thing was she got stuck in my head. I couldn’t shake her image. Several trips to the local witch doctor; I even tried big medicine from the mainland.

Then I had a bad headache and the woman in my head. Several friends told me what to do. The only way to remove her was to have her with me. So off we whisked into the night. Upon extracting her from her tribe I found they were right and wrong. She is out of my head but in it at the same time.

I didn’t realize that women could talk so much. But she is soft, smells good,and cuddly I guess. Oh well, now I have no home, no job, and meandering around some lake of steam.

I wonder if I should have just stuck with the big medicine instead? Ughhh!!!

Character sheet: Charzth [Human Barbarian mate of Nosila]

Cause of death: Newly recruited into Pommeville’s town guard.

Posted by Erik on September 10, 2004, 17:07 | Charzth’s Journal | XPCs