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Jin’s Journal

As I waited for Jak to get done figuring out the map I turned my attention to looking as much like the fallen male Emerald Claw as I could. Going over the two ids I found on him, I realized one of them was a fake, but was unable to determine which was real and which was the one he was going under. Once Jak had the information we needed she told the dwarf zombie to destroy the statues, and parts of the floor. As she made her way back to the land cart I staggered into the camp either to save my friends or die trying. I was pleasantly surprised to find they bought my disguise and was explaining to them how we were ambushed and how the other one didn’t make it. That’s when they called for the vampire to come over. I was petrified, especially when it licked his lips at me. I like my blood right where it is.

“Did you get the information?” the creature asked.

“We had a couple of ideas, but we were unable to figure it out before the attack.” I responded.

“Then you failed.” he said. I thought I was going to die right then and there, but the vampire had other ideas. “Wait in your tent until I return, and decide your fate.”

With that, most of the camp left with the creature, and most everyone else just ignored me. I quietly went over to K’ehleyr and as I was cutting her bonds I told her to get up we’re getting out of here. She instead looked around for her belongings. I undid Gib’s bonds, but he still didn’t move. I ran from this camp to the waiting land cart dropping my form as I ran. I got there just seconds before K’ehleyr carrying the still-unconscious Gib. We all left and I’m happy to say we quickly outdistanced the mob of Emerald Claw behind us. We rode for a while and Jak was attempting to talk our driver into taking us into the Mournland, unsuccessfully at that. I got her to hand me one platinum piece and I told him there were more of these for him if he drove us.

“How much more?” He asked with an all too familiar look of greed in his eyes.

We bartered for a few minutes and agreed on twenty pieces. He took us just outside the devastated wasteland and rested for a few hours then headed right to our destination. We saw some strange things on our way, but were able to outdistance all possible problems and soon came to a mine shaft opening. We left and land cart and its driver and walked into the mine and came across a metal hatch in the floor. Gib, the little sneak that he is, caused a distraction and was quickly unconscious again as we turned around. I got to thinking. This one is a decoy. We were given three healing potions.

“There are there more hatches only one is the real one.” I told Jak and K’ehleyr.

Jak took Gib’s unconscious body to the land cart, and we moved on when she returned. It wasn’t long before we came to another hatch. There’s nothing to bluff my way out of, I say to myself as I take the key and go to open the hatch.

Again the all too familiar darkness of my mind.

Posted by Fred on November 7, 2005, 09:37 | Jin’s Journal