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It’s a bit foggy...

Gib’s Journal

I am waking up, in much pain. I find my head still spinning from whatever knocked me unconscious. My limbs are sore and seem bound.

I begin to look around and notice that I am not alone, there is an equally battered form next to me that looks familiar, K’ehleyr is tied and looking mighty pissed off. I look around more but fail to see anymore of my party. Although, there does seem to be a few guards from the camp I attacked.

Now it is coming back, I was looking for Jin. He was guarded by what was described to me as the ones who kicked my three companions’ butts. I decided rather than attack them, I might look for our goal, and hope the two dead dwarves wander off.

I found a building, with a cemetery. It had more dead dwarves digging up bodies; thinking this too was not the place to fight them, I decided to sneak into the nearby building.

As I came around the corner, I was greeted with a tall pointy-toothed visage of death. Quickly I realized I should run; as I did the vampire cast a large bank of clouds to surround the area, and called his minions to help.

Re-evaluating the situation I had to take a chance that this group was not with the other, so I tried to bring them together in a clash. I managed to escape the fog and head towards the other group. I even got the camp riled up enough to give chase. So I did my best to bring them towards the vampire and zombies, it all seemed to work until they did not fight each other.

Then I felt a great pain in my back and saw an arrow protruding from my shoulder. Then things got dark, my guess is it was the pain and blood loss.

Back to now, I am tied and bruised and my wound has not been treated. One of my companions is tied up next to me, another probably dead, and the third ran if she got smart. Ha, I got them right were I want them, they think they have the upper hand.

Posted by Jim on November 6, 2005, 12:07 | Gib’s Journal