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Sea Cruise

Jak’s Journal

Rhukaan Draal, Eyre 6, 998 YK

Dear Morghan—

I’m sorry I’ve not written in over two weeks! Time has gotten away from me again.

Nothing exciting has happened for two weeks anyway; I had barely seen Jin or Gib during that time, though that is likely because K’ehleyr and I spent most of our time in the upper wards of Sharn. In fact, we even had the pleasure of going to one of those galas that seem to occur whenever we’re in town. I usually don’t see anyone I know at those, but as luck would have it, Lady d’Vown at least knew we’d be there, and got word to me to meet her at the Broken Anvil the next morning— perhaps another opportunity to find an heirloom of her house?

I quickly fired off a note to Jin’s house, hoping he and Gib would be free to join us, and the four of us met the lady the next morning. She didn’t get to do more than hand us a bag containing provisions and instructions before we were attacked right in the Inn— we were set upon by four kobolds and another warforged! Taking out the kobolds was not difficult, just annoying, but keeping everyone standing proved difficult! Lady d’Vown was injured and I saw her dive behind an overturned table, and then we were all being irritated by the spear-wielding kobolds as we tried to get to the real threat. In fact, at one point the only thing between me and the warforged was K’ehleyr, and she was unconscious at the time! I didn’t think I’d get to her before she expired, but suddenly there was a fog filling the room, pouring out from where the House Cannith heir was crouched—allow the four of us to escape without being seen. We got K’ehleyr up and headed for the closest house of healing, then opened the haversack that the lady had left with us.

Not only do we get to go look for another schema— this time we are traveling in style! We’re on a Lyrandar galleon (the Nautilus— one with a water elemental of course!) just now arriving in Darguun’s capitol, and will be heading into the Mournlands— to a place called Whitehearth. Perhaps that old map I found will be useful, though I’ve been told that the entire country has been “altered” and doesn’t even remotely resemble what is on maps of Cyre. In addition to mundane camping equipment and supplies specific to our mission, we’ve been provided with healing potions— hopefully we won’t need them, as I’ve heard from other travelers that healing doesn’t work quite right in the Mournlands.

We had a spot of trouble, actually, while on our way here. On our third night in Kraken Bay, we were boarded by seaweed-covered skeletons who slew four of the crew before we could take them out— Gib was also hurt, but I was able to heal him. Unfortunately, the ship did not have a cleric of any sort on it, or the crew might have been saved.

I’ll try to write more soon— we’re about to dock!

Your loving sister,


Posted by Kristin on September 23, 2005, 20:22 | Jak’s Journal