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In the Darkness

Jin’s Journal

We found ourselves face to face with another warforged. I thought this one would fall as easily as the rest, but I was gravely mistaken. Round after round of blows came and went as this thing focused most of his attention on K’ehleyr. She fought as best she could but fell under its attack. Then the thing turned its attention on me. I wanted to run, but I figured I could hold my ground for a little while, so I stayed and fought knowing I would die as soon as the creature hit me. Gib was trying to get its attention, but he was having no luck with that. Captain Jak dumped a healing potion down K’ehleyr’s throat. She was up before I knew she was healed and in moments her revenge was complete. The warforged is dead, and to be honest we are no worse for wear.

Now it was brought to my attention that warforged naturally cannot see in the dark. After we searched the body I noticed the it had no light source of any kind. We discussed this for a bit and decided to explore a little. We searched the ruins for hours and all we found were some fire beetles we needed to kill. So we took our time climbing up the shaft and went to the Brocken Anvil. We sent Lady d’Vown a message and she came down that night to retrieve her item. While we waited for the Lady to show Captain Jak realized she didn’t have the journal anymore and started to ask us if we had it. She focused her attention on Gib, but I told her I believed him knowing full well he had it. Later on that night I told him I knew but I wouldn’t tell anyone. He still denied it. That hurt, after I backed him up and convinced Captain Jak for him he still didn’t trust me.

In the morning Gib and I went for a walk to see an old friend of my sister’s. The same guy who was able to get me the forged papers. I thought he would be able to either buy or get us in contact with someone who would buy the warforged plating Gib had taken off the creature. After some beating around the bush Gib and I left without any useful information. We were on our way back to see the ladies when I noticed we were being followed. I mentioned this to Gib and he led me down and alley. We hid opposite of each other. I couldn’t see a thing and was waiting for Gib’s signal when I heard some footsteps approach us and stop dead in front of me. I heard someone attack and thought the thing following us was sent by the Lord of Blades and it had found Gib. So I jumped out of my hiding place only to find a really old man dying on the end of my blade.

I was stunned of a second and then noticed someone standing at the far end of the alley yelling “Murderer”! Gib grabbed the money pouch and ran. I followed. We ended up at a bar in a rather undesirable part of town. After a couple of hours of deep thought I figured that this guy was up to no good and it’s better that he died then having the rest of us be led into a trap. On the way to meet up with our lady friends I wanted to get some new clothes. Gib came with and I bought two new outfits. I also got some of the coin Gib took off our follower and the day ended rather well. That night however I didn’t sleep well at all. I find it’s easy to justify some things in the light of day, but at night when your mind wanders….

Posted by Fred on September 17, 2005, 10:06 | Jin’s Journal