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K’ehleyr’s Bio

K’ehleyr’s Journal ~PC Bios~

Born on Aerenal, K’ehleyr worships the memory of M’lara Karlassa, an artifact-hunter during the elven rebellion against the Giants of Xen’drik. M’lara searched for magical weapons and other artifacts to help her people fight, and was a fine warrior herself. K’ehleyr migrated with other Valaes Tairn to battle in Cyre during the Great War. Now that the immediate War is over, she wishes to follow in her ancestor’s footsteps by finding magical weapons and other artifacts to help defend her new realm of Valenar. Therefore, she plans to travel throughout Khorvaire, and has begun in Sharn. If Khorvaire’s forgotten places and ravaged battlegrounds turn up little of note, she would not mind trying her luck in Xen’drik as her ancestor did.

K’ehleyr rides a fine Valenar steed, the mare Huerga.

K'ehleyr Tavanna and Huerga, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheets: K’ehleyr Tavanna [Elf Fighter]
Huerga [K’ehleyr’s Mount]

Posted by Kate on August 7, 2005, 16:22 | K’ehleyr’s Journal | ~PC Bios~