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January 22, 2005

It's Just Part of a Game

Beowulf's Journal

I was rather intrigued by how people celebrated the Midsummer Festival in this city, and I wondered if it was similar in every city. People were intoxicated to the point of total inebriation. They were dancing on tables, fighting, passing out on the floor. I was debating with myself on whether or not I should go to bed when a human walked in. He appeared sober. Being as the place was full I offered him a seat at my table. We talked for a bit till he got drunk. I went to bed at this point, pondering the reason why people feel the need to totally lose themselves like that.

In the morning the bar was in a shambles when I cam down for breakfast. Having to pick my way through sleeping bodies, I found a rather clear table and waited for my companions to arrive. They slowly showed up one by one and Areon had a bit of a story to tell. This silver tiger statue is definitely a wrong that must be righted, but I wonder if it would be better to go after the wizard first. That was about the time when that same human from last night appeared. He had mentioned something about adventuring, and the pack is always stronger with more members, so I invited him over and introduced him to everyone. He fit in rather well, and almost immediately was accepted as part of the group.

We ended up spending most of the day at a “library”; a wonderful place full of useful information. I have several pages of notes and a more up-to-date map of the desert place we must soon visit. With both maps I can rather easily locate the proper tomb. However, Areon is so intent on the statue that we must go retrieve it immediately.

After some discussion and another nightís rest we went and got some scrying done and teleported to a town just a few miles in front of the caravan the stolen statue is on. I immediately took to the air telling Shadow to stay with the group. It only took a few minutes for me to find the caravan, and I noticed that trolls were about to attack it, so I warned them and hurried back to tell the group. As we ran to the caravan about three wagons passed us.

Arriving at the place of the attack we found no sign of people anywhere. Following some tracks into the woods we were ambushed by two trolls. That took some time but we soon were off again. Finding a cave, we slowly entered and it didnít take long to be attacked. It seemed we fought forever, but we were victorious.

We explored a little only to be attacked again. More trolls. Strangest thing though, One was standing on fire. These battles are starting to get weary. I’ve never had to fight so much before. Normally we attempt to avoid this kind of trouble, but the others seem to think it’s just part of game. Finally we defeated all but one; it ran away. Searching the cave we did not find the statue, which means it’s on one of the wagons that escaped the troll onslaught. We did however find a troll and humans locked up.

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